Lately I’ve been on a nostalgia deep dive, specifically hunting down the sources in film and television of half-remembered imagery from my childhood. I was raised on Asimov, Bradbury, Heinlein et. al. so my interests were narrow in scope, 90% of the media I consumed was science fiction.

The most interesting thing about science fiction films, to me, wasn’t the space travel or other fantastical elements. It was the background details from scenes set on Earth. Visual worldbuilding found in advertisements, news broadcasts and other delivery vectors for dropping hints with tantalizing implications.

Vive Focus

A friend of mine came to me recently wanting to know what his options were for a standalone VR headset that’s not owned by Facebook. If you’re out of the loop, Facebook announced some time ago that going forward, all Oculus VR devices would require a Facebook login to use.

If you imagine that’s not a big deal because you can just make a burner account to use with it, you’re not alone, everybody else also thought of that. But, so did Facebook. …


Before you ask, no this isn’t an MLM, or any type of scam. Though, those are a huge danger to aspies looking for online income opportunities as persons on the spectrum are unusually trusting & as such are soft targets for MLM recruiters. I’ve written an article on how to identify such scams here.

Rather, this is an article I felt obligated to write as an autistic adult who has enjoyed some degree of success building various online income sources over many years, upon realizing that I did so for lack of conventional employment opportunities and that many other autistic…


For those of you who will not read an apostate’s perspective or consider it inherently untrustworthy, many of the same arguments and scriptural citations in this article can be found here, from a Christian perspective. Anyway:

A perspective I often encounter from moderate Christians is that no contradiction exists between the Biblical account of origins and science. Not because that’s true, but because they would dearly like it to be true.

…Or rather need it to be true, as they cannot otherwise reconcile their recognition that evolution is factual with their prior emotional commitment to Christianity, having spent long hours…

Growing up as an autistic boy in the 90s, computer games were my world. My father, a now retired computer engineer, always kept me furnished in the cutting edge of home computer components in the hopes I would take after him and pick up programming.

Instead what I did with this expensive gear (and PC stuff was indeed much more costly in the 90s than today) was to play games. Which hurt my grades, until the games were taken away, whereupon I improved my grades until I could get at the games again. …

Covid began in China, and probably would’ve made its way to the US no matter what. But US metrics are dismal compared to nations where preventative measures were taken seriously. Even a cursory scan of social media furnishes plentiful examples showing that the phenomenon of anti-maskers is almost entirely a Christian one.

Cover art once again courtesy of my artist buddy Luis Molina, aka Akklonia. This novel can be purchased for the Kindle (or Kindle App on smartphones) from Amazon. Note that it has some small formatting issues due to Amazon’s conversion process. Those should be fixed in <72 hours. Any copies bought before then will receive an over the air update, most likely it’ll be fixed by the time you read this.


This is another of my novella trilogies compiled into a novel, for those of you that wish to own these stories for your Kindle. The premise is that Frankenstein’s…

Cover art by my talented long time artist friend Luis Molina, aka Akklonia. You can purchase this novel in Kindle format ($5.99) on Amazon, also works with the Kindle smartphone app. It’s having some minor formatting issues currently, due to Amazon’s document conversion process. Those will soon be ironed out, any copies bought before then will receive an over the air update. Likely it’ll be fixed by the time you read this.


Astute followers may recall this was originally a trilogy of novellas. I’ve settled into a workflow in which I write “stories” of whatever length they naturally turn out…


The other day I was struck, while eating food truck falafel, with the question “where is the vegan equivalent of McDonalds”? There are vegan restaurants but no big, multinational vegan fast food chains. Research seemed to bear out that this is because the most convincing meat substitutes haven’t yet scaled up production to the point that they could even supply McDonalds with the number of patties needed to offer vegan options in all of their locations.

The gears in my head continued turning as I ate. Surely then, the problem is one of demand. If demand increased substantially, production would…


Below you will see an email I received recently in regards to this article I posted about the GEET engine, a purportedly revolutionary device which can run off water or any other liquid. It was ratio’d by a massive downvoting campaign from followers of David Pantone, son of Paul Pantone, the inventor of the GEET engine which mysteriously has been around in some form for decades, but has never been brought to market in any vehicle, generator or other consumer product.

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