1. isn't Biblical as in fact scripture describes the formula for making a solution of "bitter herb" for inducing miscarriage. This comes as a shock to every Christian I show it to. Life in early Christian and Jewish thinking is conferred by breath of God into non-living matter, and as such infants did not become alive until taking their first breath.

2. Absolutely is Biblical, homosexuality is actually condemned more times in the NT than in the OT, which most people don't know. I don't agree with it, but it was plainly the intended meaning of the authors and it's silly to be in denial about that.

3. This should be amended to say two biological sexes, and even that is unduly controversial today despite nobody having yet discovered a third variety of gamete. Using the word gender only plays into the arguments of TRAs.

4. This is an entirely uncontroversial opinion. I think the implication is that non-Christians are ok with child trafficking, which suggests this person does not interact with many non-Christians and generally assumes the worst of them.

You say that these opinions will drive people away from Christianity as if that's a bad thing. Christianity is built upon a foundation of falsehoods in the first place, trying to gaslight people about it's teachings because they have become controversial is just re-arranging deck chairs on the Titanic.

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