486/DOS Game Reviews, Volume 5: Doom

The grand daddy of the modern first person shooter hardly needs any introduction. The series is still going strong, remarkably, making it one of the longest lived franchises in the industry. Doom is about a space marine stationed on one of the moons of Mars when a portal to hell is opened as a result of teleportation experiments.

This opening area is burned into my brain. I think almost everybody has played Doom before, if only because of the dizzying variety of platforms it’s been ported to. I’ve seen Doom running on a Xerox printer. I’ve seen Doom running on an iPod Nano.

The Doom engine, internally referred to as ID Tech 1, was a vast improvement over the engines powering games like Wolfenstein 3D and Rise of the Triad. Walls could now be at any angle. There could be separate sectors with different floor and ceiling heights, and their own light level.

Even after all these years, Doom is still satisfying to play. It’s just got that feel to it. I shouldn’t give out so many of these, but I wouldn’t be able to live with myself if I didn’t give Doom a 9/10. Rip and tear, until it is done.

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