The first experience many of us have with bullying is often from our own parents spanking us because they hadn’t the time or energy to explain what we did wrong or why their way is right. In doing so, they inadvertently taught us that violence and intimidation are good ways of getting what you want.

That’s not what they meant by it, and if they knew that’s what we’d internalize from the experience I like to believe they’d think a little harder and find another way to communicate the urgency of what they wanted. But my Dad didn’t have the…


Note: This is a sequel to Whittier, Alaska which can be read here

You meet such interesting people in asylums. If not for their company I might’ve lost my mind, being that I’m the only sane person in this dump. Surely it shouldn’t work that way? Talking to them should erode my grip on reality. Then again, maybe they get saner by talking to me. Mental health osmosis, you could call it.

They’re fake anyways. I don’t know why I keep imagining they have real, human minds to lose when they were never people to begin with. The doctors…

Lately I’ve been on a nostalgia deep dive, specifically hunting down the sources in film and television of half-remembered imagery from my childhood. I was raised on Asimov, Bradbury, Heinlein et. al. so my interests were narrow in scope, 90% of the media I consumed was science fiction.

The most interesting thing about science fiction films, to me, wasn’t the space travel or other fantastical elements. It was the background details from scenes set on Earth. Visual worldbuilding found in advertisements, news broadcasts and other delivery vectors for dropping hints with tantalizing implications.

Vive Focus

A friend of mine came to me recently wanting to know what his options were for a standalone VR headset that’s not owned by Facebook. If you’re out of the loop, Facebook announced some time ago that going forward, all Oculus VR devices would require a Facebook login to use.

If you imagine that’s not a big deal because you can just make a burner account to use with it, you’re not alone, everybody else also thought of that. But, so did Facebook. …


Before you ask, no this isn’t an MLM, or any type of scam. Though, those are a huge danger to aspies looking for online income opportunities as persons on the spectrum are unusually trusting & as such are soft targets for MLM recruiters. I’ve written an article on how to identify such scams here.

Rather, this is an article I felt obligated to write as an autistic adult who has enjoyed some degree of success building various online income sources over many years, upon realizing that I did so for lack of conventional employment opportunities and that many other autistic…


During lockdown I’ve been staving off cabin fever by re-watching every Star Trek series for the first time since childhood. I’m up to Voyager now, and watching the episodes focused on the Doctor’s desire for autonomy after watching Picard (which has a large focus on AI autonomy and ethics) has yielded some unexpected insights.

Star Trek has long been lauded for depicting a model of high-diversity cooperation between all races and aliens, but they’re always balanced with respect to capabilities and growth potential, at least compared to Data or the EMH.

Either, if they desired to and were allowed to…


For those of you who will not read an apostate’s perspective or consider it inherently untrustworthy, many of the same arguments and scriptural citations in this article can be found here, from a Christian perspective. Anyway:

A perspective I often encounter from moderate Christians is that no contradiction exists between the Biblical account of origins and science. Not because that’s true, but because they would dearly like it to be true.

…Or rather need it to be true, as they cannot otherwise reconcile their recognition that evolution is factual with their prior emotional commitment to Christianity, having spent long hours…

Growing up as an autistic boy in the 90s, computer games were my world. My father, a now retired computer engineer, always kept me furnished in the cutting edge of home computer components in the hopes I would take after him and pick up programming.

Instead what I did with this expensive gear (and PC stuff was indeed much more costly in the 90s than today) was to play games. Which hurt my grades, until the games were taken away, whereupon I improved my grades until I could get at the games again. …

Covid began in China, and probably would’ve made its way to the US no matter what. But US metrics are dismal compared to nations where preventative measures were taken seriously. Even a cursory scan of social media furnishes plentiful examples showing that the phenomenon of anti-maskers is almost entirely a Christian one.

Cover art once again courtesy of my artist buddy Luis Molina, aka Akklonia. This novel can be purchased for the Kindle (or Kindle App on smartphones) from Amazon. Note that it has some small formatting issues due to Amazon’s conversion process. Those should be fixed in <72 hours. Any copies bought before then will receive an over the air update, most likely it’ll be fixed by the time you read this.


This is another of my novella trilogies compiled into a novel, for those of you that wish to own these stories for your Kindle. The premise is that Frankenstein’s…

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