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I’ve long spectated the slowly unfolding culture of conservative contrarianism since around 2008 when Obama’s election brought it out of the woodwork in a big way. Certainly it’s largely political in nature. If there’s a Republican president, Democrats won’t listen. If there’s a Democrat president, Republicans won’t listen. Lest we forget, Kamala Harris and Joe Biden were opposed to any vaccine released while Trump was president:

Katherine Kromberg, via Unsplash

Ever since the introduction of the $500 bonus in May, I’ve noticed an uptick in the number of articles about breasts. Usually women writing plausibly deniable slice of life articles about their experience having overdeveloped chests, how hard it is to shop for brassieres when you’re uncommonly busty, that sort of thing.

It can easily be framed as empowering. Who else should profit from men’s interest in women’s anatomy, if not women? Why shouldn’t women share their lived experiences in a body-positive way? It’s all very defensible, superficially. Of course the real reason is that tits get clicks.

An understandable…

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This isn’t about what MLMs are or how to identify them. That article can be found here. Rather, it’s about the abhorrent depths MLM distributors will sink to in a desperate attempt to climb out of the financial hole they dug for themselves, and what that says about H. sapiens.

First off, let’s look at the demographics of who joins MLMs. The title perhaps should’ve been “the dark heart of women” but that would come across wrong, probably would get me in trouble with the admins and wouldn’t sound as poetic. …

Author’s own photo

What could anybody possibly need a wall outlet in their car for? Aren’t there little inverters sold at Harbor Freight or at truck stops you can plug into the 12 volt cigarette lighter socket? Well dear reader, I live in Portland. I don’t know if you’ve been keeping up with what’s happening here, but Portland is basically real life Death Stranding.

Constantly rainy? Check. Apocalyptic weather? Check. Tent encampments all over the place where porch pirates bring stolen packages back to? Electric trucks and motorcycles? Gorgeous terrain mixed with derelict industrial infrastructure? People living in isolation due to lockdown normalizing…

Author’s own photo

The previous article on this project did reasonably well, so I thought I’d expand on it, showcasing some of the pictures and other details left on the cutting room floor. Many of the prototypes and spin-offs didn’t really fit into the narrative, the purpose of which was to give a Cliff’s Notes version of Hampture to bring newcomers up to speed, so we’ll look at all the leftovers here instead.

The Hampture project is, as of this writing, in it’s 11th year. The idea occurred to me in 2010, though versions of it were swirling around in my brain as…

Author’s own photo

Probably this won’t surprise you that much, if you’ve already seen my underwater hamster habitat articles. Constructing scale model hostile environment living spaces is a hobby of mine, bringing the privilege and safety of high technology normally reserved for human use down within reach of our smaller, hairier cousins like some sort of animal loving Prometheus.

I did this for much the same reason I built the underwater version: To learn what problems commonly befall buried structures and how to design in such a way as to mitigate or prevent them before they happen. …


In each of the six examples below, I’ll provide my observation as a child, my perspective on it and my adult understanding of why it happened how it did. Emphatically, that does not constitute a defense of these things. The world absolutely should not be the way it often is.

I do not by any stretch of the imagination intend to rationalize or justify these problems, only attempt to explain with the benefit of age and hindsight why adults (and some children) behaved back then in ways which seemed capriciously, needlessly cruel through the eyes of a child.

In most…

Wikipedia Commons, W 43rd St. Manhattan

Imagine you’re walking along one day when your shoe catches on something. When you look down to see what it was, you’re met with a strange sight. There, firmly embedded in the asphalt, is a placard of some kind reading “TOYNBEE IDEA MOVIE 2001 RESURRECT DEAD ON PLANET JUPITER”.

What in the farm fresh, flavor blasted McHell? Your confusion is understandable. When these tiles began appearing in about two dozen US cities and four South American cities in the 1980s, they captured the public’s imagination immediately. What could it mean?

Variations on the main message furnish some clues, the differences…

Google Earth, upscaled by author

Trementina Base is one of those obscure places on Earth people don’t believe me when I tell them about it. “Scientology’s nuclear bunker where they store L. Ron Hubbard’s teachings etched onto circular stainless steel plates” sounds like something out of a Dan Brown novel.

From the air, it looks like a pair of robot titties. In fact, mowing logos identifiable only from the air into terrain is a common practice, many corporations mark their land this way. But in this case, it’s purportedly so that the returning thetan (spirit) of L. …


I of course don’t mean to suggest we abandon efforts at reducing carbon emissions and repairing damage done to the atmosphere and ocean since the industrial revolution. Still, it’s a strange disconnect in my mind that the same people who agree that we can survive in domed cities on Mars don’t believe we’ll survive climate change.

Many of them imagine it as an extinction event, the end of the anthropocene. Does that make sense? Wouldn’t it in fact be vastly easier and cheaper to build enclosed colonies on a much warmer Earth than doing the same on the Moon or…

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