A Better Fly Trap? This Design is Pretty Impressive.

Being that it’s Summer and I don’t want to pay for air conditioning, I leave the doors open in the evening to cool off. Then close them before bed to trap the cool air inside for the following day. Unfortunately, this also allows flies into the house.

For that reason I exhaustively researched means of flying pest control. Zappers, sticky paper, UV lights with vacuum traps below them, the whole gamut. The trap that supposedly works the best is also nearly the simplest. It consists of a rotating trapping element that slowly encloses the fly.

Then the fly has no choice, as the space available to it shrinks, but to go into the holding chamber. The trap operates continuously and unlike sticky paper, is indefinitely reusable. (Though of course, the bait must occasionally be replenished.)

Critically, this uses much less energy than zapper style traps, but kills ’em just as dead. :)

The central holding chamber on top has a rotating floor with a hole in it. The hole is under the portion of the central chamber that’s blacked out, so the flies won’t be distracted by overhead light and will try to escape downwards instead.

It’s brand new, so of course nothing is trapped in there yet. But after a week I’ll give you guys an update on how well it works. I have high hopes for this little gadget, which only ran me about $20. Below you can see a video of it in action:

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