A compass is a tool used to draw circles onto paper. Your own verses specify the Earth is a circle (disc) many times. There was a Hebrew word for “ball” they might have used, but didn’t.

Your revisionist history is contradicted by all historical scholarship on the topic. Google these terms: “Ancient Israelite cosmology”, “Hebrew cosmology” and “Biblical cosmology”. Choose any university source. They will all tell you what I have. We have period illustrations of their cosmology consisting of a flat, disc shaped Earth covered in a dome confirming that was their model of the cosmos.

This is not because ancient people failed to understand the Bible. The Bible very clearly and explicitly describes the same cosmology we already know was commonly believed in that part of the world, at that time. There are verses other than the ones you have highlighted, which I provide in other articles in this series, which flesh out the picture of what they believed about the Earth.

Verses about how snow and hail are kept in storehouses within the firmament, for example. Or references to the pillars of the Earth, which in the model under discussion hold up the disc of the Earth from within the waters below.

All of the evidence points to a single conclusion. The only reason to reject it and try to find some way for the Bible to be right anyway is if you’re committed to Christianity and thus unwilling to allow yourself to arrive at the conclusion that the Bible is wrong about something. That is not a very intellectually honest motivation.


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