A Hot Nurse Sucked Bodily Fluids Out of Me Today

Settle down, it was blood. Not in a kinky way either, I got a fuckload of blood drained out of me through a needle. Still light headed. I used to give blood all the time when I lived in Florida just because I would see the bloodmobile everywhere and it’s an easy way to help out that doesn’t cost anything.

I guess nurse isn’t really accurate, she was a phlebotomist. I think that’s the name of the people who deal with blood anyways. Pretty sure, still not enough blood to think properly. The paperwork is all digital now, in the form of a quiz they give you on a laptop.

They still stick you in the finger first, but they do it in the side of the fingertip now instead of the pad. Less nerve endings. It was much less painful than I remember. Actually, even having the needle put in my arm wasn’t too bad…what sucks is that they leave it in there.

They had me scrunch up like a croissant because the bed was too short. What is this, a bed for ants??? Even worse than having the needle in my arm for several minutes is when they pull it out. Why? Why does that hurt worse than when they put it in? Needle mysteries 2017.

I got a sticker, some cookies and a juice out of it though. I specifically requested a lollipop and Pokemon bandaid, which I did not receive. 7/10. Still, I’ve written in the past about the barriers to helping out in your community and a big one is that people just don’t feel they have the time, or any money to spare.

Donating blood costs nothing and goes by very quickly. That’s a tiny inconvenience for you, and the result is badly needed blood that may save somebody’s life. Although I mean, maybe it saves the life of the next Hitler, there is no way to tell. Such is the peril inherent in giving blood. Don’t let that stop you though.

Hell yeah, sticker. Sticker! Hell yeah! That’s going on my bike maybe. It’s a presumptuous sticker though. I made a difference? Really, sticker? You don’t know me. You’re not my real dad, I don’t have to listen to you.

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