A Selection of Drawings From My Prolific Sketch Artist Phase

Being that I’m a horror author, much of it is about what you’d expect. But there’s also some nice animal drawings later on if you stick it out.

I haven’t drawn anything in many years. These are all about a decade old. I’ve turned my attention totally to writing since then.

This one has a dolphin inspired mouth. Looks sort of like those explodey Flood zombies from the Halo games other than that.

Too lazy to detail the brain.

The sort of drawing you’d find in a teenage metal head’s binder.

This one sucks. Part of it’s that I had to do it in pen, so I was less confident than I am with pencil or charcoal.

This one’s better in terms of detail, but it shows a bad habit I had of contorting drawings so I could fit more onto a page.

Inspire by Quake 4 IIRC. Some sort of repair technician.

This thing’s a boss from Metal Slug 3. I put more effort into shading here than usual.

A gorilla in power armor. He also has antelope horns because it’s my hot body, I do what I want.

Another ape in power armor. This time Hanuman from the Indian epic, Ramayana. I don’t have to justify myself to you.

Some kind of alien. The weapons were based on art supplies.

The concept here was quadrupedal aliens. You don’t see many of those in scifi for some reason. It can retract into the battle armor like a turtle shell.

First of the animal sketches, done using photo reference.

I’m sure I don’t have to tell you what reference I used for this.

Tree frog. You can see where I erased the foot and redrew it shorter, to fit it on the page.

Elephant, at two different distances. Done using live reference at the Oregon Zoo.

“Video beetle” I came up with for a biomechanics (creature invention) class.

The shell halves are outgrowths of the eyes which evolved to display RGB colored light rather than just perceive it.

This allows it to sample whatever it’s crawling on with a cluster of six down-facing eyes, then display that texture on its shell as a sort of optical camoflage.

And now, some robots.

Inspired by 1950s penny scifi rag illustrations.

Concepts for expensive (left) and affordable (right) prosthetic arms.

Mech suit from Quake 4. Still big into ID Software.

An ex. I can’t draw humans for shit, but the wings came out nice.

Some manner of fancy hat. I went nuts with the detail and shading on this one.

A rare color piece, abstract, inspired by protozoans.

Goofy shit starts here. This is my rendition of a beatdown I witnessed between a hick and a home depot employee in the parking lot. They weren’t really that jacked but it looks cooler this way.

Human in a bear skin. “Gilgabear”.

Bear in a human skin. “Beargamesh”. Both inspired by the Sumerian epic Gilgamesh. Don’t ask me dude, I don’t know. I am often a mystery even to myself.

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