A Sneak Peek at Technolust 2, the Next VR Game I Will Be Working On

Long time followers probably know I wrote world building materials and dialogue for Narcosis. It was my foot in the door of the gaming industry, and it ultimately landed me a spot working on another VR title that’s still in development: Technolust 2. Early gameplay footage can be seen below:

For reference, and for those who never played the original Technolust, the release trailer can be seen below. It was updated since then to support Oculus Touch, allowing you to grab and move objects in the environment:

The inspiration for adding an open world, free roam city to Technolust 2 (navigable by flying car) came from the incredible VR tech demo “Air Car”, seen below:

Technolust 2 will combine the on foot, puzzle and sleuthing elements from Technolust with the freedom of flight and aerial exploration of a futuristic city found in Air Car. The preliminary intention is to make a game with a structure and concept similar to Snatcher, but fully realized in a way that wasn’t possible with the hardware available then:

The current intent is that Technolust 2 will be a combination of all of these: Technolust, AirCar and Snatcher. A cyberpunk adventure game which offers unprecedented freedom to move around the world and explore every facet of it. It’s a killer concept I couldn’t bear to miss out on being a part of, so as you can imagine, I jumped at the offer.

Still no firm story in place, though the largest elements have begun to come together. Also no firm estimate on when you can expect it to release. I’ll be feeding you bits and pieces as I receive permission to.

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