>Alex, what is your point?
>Again, I ask, what is your point?
>So let me ask again, what is your point?

You seem troubled. I don’t blame you. This would be troubling information for someone in the fold. You’re 78 too, so naturally belief is deeply engraved into your brain by now and it will resist powerfully any information which threatens the core beliefs which you have built your life and identity around: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Semmelweis_reflex

>”I have been a believer since late high school, spent a couple of years at Moody Bible Institute (a great foundation for me for the rest of my life — I’m 78 today), love science, I don’t believe anything you are rallying about.”

I’m sure you don’t. See the article on the Semmelweis Reflex above. And I knew you were a believer from the moment you answered the way you did. This information always causes that reaction in Christians and members of other, related sand religions.

>”I it that if your points a proven valid, then the core of the Bible and Christianity are invalid? That there is no God (heavenly Father who cares deeply for his saints and creation), there is no life after death, the treatment and execution of Jesus didn’t happen — just asking.”

It doesn’t necessarily mean any of that. There exist religions besides Christianity. There exist religions which are in fact entirely outside of the Judeo-Christian family of religions which do not include the errors discussed in this article. I don’t personally believe in any of them but it does not necessarily follow that just because the religion you were raised in is untrue, therefore all religions are untrue. I can’t say that for sure, as I’ve not investigated all of them. The concept of a supreme being is also older than Christianity and there exist versions of it in philosophy which are more defensible than Yahweh, God of the Bible.

>”I had taken a hermeneutics class at Moody and learned that one of the laws of interpretation of the scripture is that you doesn’t make doctrine based upon obscure verses in the Bible.”

Of course. They told you this so that you would feel justified in ignoring the errors it contains. My own classes in exegesis also stressed giving the Bible the extreme benefit of the doubt and interpreting apparent errors from the starting assumption that the Bible can’t be wrong.

Nevertheless, a product of divine revelation by a timeless, all-knowing being should not contain such huge, basic errors about something as simple as the shape of the Earth and how the solar system is configured.

Islam also contains this mistake. The Qur’an and Hadiths share the same cosmology as the Bible, and go so far as to claim Muhammad once personally traveled to a boiling spring in which the sun sets each evening (being smaller than the Earth, in the ancient Hebrew model).

You doubtless have no problem with concluding based on this that the Qur’an was not revealed by Allah. Because you have no attachment to Islam. Muslims are VERY attached to Islam and most are never taught about those verses. The ones who find out resist that information, as you have, and for the same reasons.

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