Behold My Glorious Glowing Robot Nipples! (I Put 2 LED Lights On My Bag)

Okay, so they aren’t positioned on my nips. I tried, believe me. But who is to say where a robot’s nipples are? Can any among us answer that age old philosophical conundrum? Anyway, if you’ll recall, I added an LED light to my heated jacket some time go.

It comes in handy all the time for tasks that require both hands in the dark. Giggity. For real though, putting the charging plug into my car at night, unlocking locks, climbing on rocks when I’m caving, and this way I have a light on me all the time. I don’t need to carry a separate one I might not remember to bring along.

However, handy as it is, I often need more illumination. Especially when caving. Enter: The Baglights. They’re extremely bright and something like headlights for my body, mounted to the straps of my magic bag. That bag, if you recall, has plentiful solar PV covering it:

This gave me an idea. While the 18650 cells inside either light are overkill and probably I’ll never be underground or outside at night long enough to run out, I’d rather not have to carry spare cells or have to remember to charge them. Wouldn’t it be cool if they instead self-charged from the sun?

Here’s the underside of the top solar panel on the bag. As you can see, the panel charges a 4 cell power bank. The power bank replenishes whatever power the lights use from their own batteries. It’s all connected, all the time, so I don’t have to “do” anything to keep the lights charged and ready to use except be outside in the sun now and then.

I doubt if I’ll ever truly “need” this gear, but it was loads of fun to assemble and looks really cool while in use. It’s also legitimately useful to have such overkill hands-free lighting when climbing over boulders and shit in underground caverns and lava tubes. Since it’s built in, I don’t have to remember to bring lights, they’re always “just there” when I need illumination.

That’s all for now. Keep your eyes peeled! But don’t forget to wear shades, because the future is bright indeed. (⌐⬤‿⬤)

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