Catholic Sex Abuse Scandal: I Won’t Accept Mere “Reform”, and Neither Should You.


If any other organization in the history of the Earth had covered up systematic child abuse for centuries like the Catholic church has, there would be bulldozers on their front doorstep the next day, if not tanks.

“But other organizations have similar rates of abuse!” they say, one of their endless supply of excuses. Other organizations, save for fellow Abrahamic religions like Mormonism and the Jehova’s Witnesses, don’t actively protect the abusers from legal consequences.

The Pope says the sweet things we want to hear about what a horror and a tragedy it’s been. But while those things come out of his mouth, the church fights tooth and nail in court trying to prevent the statutes of limitations from being extended, lest they be held accountable for more of their crimes.

That tells you everything you need to know about how “sorry” they really are. Likewise with recent attempts to blame the abuse on homosexuality, and veiled threats to dig up skeletons in the closets of any abuse victims who come forth.

They are NOT SORRY. They have the wealth needed to pay back abuse victims, which they would if they actually were sorry. Instead they’re circling the wagons and looking out for number one.

That’s made all the more evident by the recent case wherein the church helped lock up a priest who had stolen church money, even while continuing to fight lawsuits brought against it by survivors of sex abuse at the hands of priests.

When I attended a private Christian school, we were regaled with stories of Christians in China or the Middle East who refused to renounce their faith in Jesus even at gunpoint. We were told our salvation is more important than our lives, and whoever stands before Christ on Earth, Christ will stand with them before God in Heaven.

It seemed superficially noble at the time until I overcame my conditioning and realized the true purpose. They have no use for anybody who renounces Christianity. You’re only worth something to them so long as you remain fooled and keep putting money in their coffers. They would rather you die than leave the fold.

I made a thread some time ago asking how many human lives they would sacrifice to preserve the existence of the church. The reasoning being that the church, in their view, is mankind’s only hope of salvation and thus there is no point to the continuation of humanity in a world where the church no longer exists, as everybody after that point would be doomed to Hell.

I got no shortage of answers affirming my suspicions. Their hierarchy of importance places the church above even the survival of humanity itself. Certainly high above justice for the children they’ve raped.

When I read Catholic accounts of how they feel about the scandal, they express brief sorrow, but then hope for reform. They say things like “it may take several generations to undo the damage done to the Catholic Church".

No concern for how long it will take to undo the emotional and psychological damage to the victims. Their first concern is always “will the church be okay?” Hoping perhaps that they can just wait this out, and people will forget their anger.

They say things like “These types of scandals are very serious and really impede any evangelistic mission we go on,” he said. “It’s inexcusable.” Again, concern only for how damage to the image of the church will impede evangelism.

This can’t simply be allowed to “blow over” as the church patiently rides out the storm. The way they waited for people to forget that Catholics overwhelmingly supported National Socialism, and now instead liken their gay critics to Nazis.

This time, we will not forget our anger. They favor reform because it’s the path to continued survival for the Church, which is why we must block off that path. No reform. No survival for the church. Not this time, and never again.

The Catholic church has run out of second chances. The time has come to start up the bulldozers. No excuses, no hush money and no empty apologies from the Pope should stay our hand. The time has come for the church to simply end.

That can’t happen without you. You, reading this. “Someone will take care of it”, surely? But that someone is you. And me, and other regular people. The authorities tasked with protecting children from these ghouls won’t do it, or they already would’ve. On the contrary the church has received no small amount of help getting away with its crimes from sympathizers in government and the police especially, who have long turned a blind eye to abuse reports.

If even a million people were to unite firmly against the church, all pushing in the same direction, incredible things could be achieved. The wealth hoarded by the Vatican could be seized and distributed to victims of abuse and LGBT groups. Churches around the world could be repurposed into homeless shelters.

Mormonism, Islam and Jehova’s Witnesses would be next, punished duly for the same crimes as the Vatican. If Abrahamic religion were allowed to persist, it would be taxed heavily in support of a basic income and manned spaceflight. But Catholicism, Mormonism, Islam and Jehova’s Witnesses would be forever destroyed. Fading away into history, like memories of a nightmare humanity has finally awoken from.

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