Christian Youtube Videos: Stare Into the Very Maw of Madness Itself


Yes, there’s more. The three ring retard circus . I must admit to feeling somewhat guilty though. Many of the Christians I have featured in these articles are presumably mothers and fathers. They love their kids, and their kids see them as infallible geniuses as we all once viewed our own parents.

They are brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, uncles, aunts, and neighbors. Maybe I’d like some of them if I got to know them. The extremes that religious devotion drives some people to can make it easy to laugh callously, forgetting that they are soft, warm human beings with feelings. With a whole mental and emotional universe inside of them which is as beautiful as your own.

This awareness makes it difficult for me to just have some uninhibited fun being harsh to these people, though they are often frustratingly stubborn and fight every well intentioned effort to help them be less deceived. It is no great crime to be ignorant, nobody came out of the womb knowing everything, and I could hardly blame them if they refused to listen to me because I’ve poked fun at them.

I continue because they’ve done much worse to me in the past simply for defending evolution. And frankly? They’re funny. I can’t help it. This stuff is really entertaining, and holding up a mirror to somebody to show them their problems can be a catalyst for change. It is a little mean spirited, no argument.

…But so is suggesting gays be confined to a fenced in camp until they die out, or having your kids legally abducted from their beds and taken in shackles to a re-education camp in the hopes that hard labor in the hot sun will make them straight or restore their faith.

If all they get in retaliation is a little bit of embarrassment, that’s a pretty good deal.

“Glory, glory howleluja”. Can’t make this shit up. What’s really disturbing here is the analogy that humans are Yahweh’s pets and that the best qualities we can have are the qualities we look for in dogs, like obedience.

More…dressing up as dogs…I dunno what to say here, this is some high octane nighmare fuel. Imagine waking up in the middle of the night to find that dude in the dog costume jackin’ it next to your bed. Or the guy dressed as a book for that matter! Which would be worse? I hope to never find out.

They sure do try everything to reach children. Maybe something to do with how gullible and trusting children are? “Give me the child until the age of 7, and I will give you the man” said St. Ignatius Loyola.

Indeed, if you can convince children Muhammad was the last prophet, or that Joseph Smith was, or that Christ rose from the dead, or that Scientology is the only way to remove thetans from your body, most of them will continue to believe that for the rest of their lives. That’s a really tender, impressionable age range for humans.

When Christians rap, comedy magic happens. *Unintentional* comedy, the juiciest, richest kind. Is this the next landmark album in the rap scene? Will Rappin’ Rabbit call out the likes of Kanye, Childish Gambino and Jay-Z for a throwdown? For a legendary rap battle the likes of which would redefine the genre forever? The answer is no.

More Christians rapping, one of my favorite things. “Kids like rap. We want to convert children before they are old enough that their critical thinking faculties develop. We’ve got to start rapping.” This is the outcome, a musical war crime we all pay the price for every second we listen to it.

In this video, puppets of the fossil fuel industry wrap up their profit-motivated opposition to environmentalism in the outer appearance of Christianity. If you’re heavily invested in fossil fuel infrastructure and wealthy as shit, naturally you’re not gonna like it when scientists start saying that the source of all your wealth is bad for the environment.

What to do? Presumably you *enjoy being rich*. You’re not going to want to lose a substantial amount of that wealth to new carbon taxes that make your whole operation much less profitable.

So, you pay some actors to convince trusting Christian voters that this is a *spiritual issue*. That climate change is a *satanic hoax*, which is not hard to persuade them of since that’s already what they believe about evolution.

Here is one of the families that the propaganda I discussed above has worked on. The video starts with more of that Christian children’s indoctrination material, but later on you can see the mother of that household quizzing her son about climate change as well, with both of them agreeing that it’s not a real issue.

More nightmare fuel. What the fuck. I can never close my eyes again without seeing that face. It will haunt my dreams from now on. Pretty sure this is David Liebe Hart, who went on to work with Tim and Eric. They saw his public access show, reacted the same way you and I did, and said “we’ve got to put this guy’s weird puppet shit in front of a wider audience.”

Bibleman! Going to a Christian middle school, shit like this was everywhere. They didn’t want us consuming “secular culture” lest we be exposed to stuff like accurate descriptions of evolution, or the notion that women have bodily autonomy. So there exists a cottage industry of “Christian media” which creates Christianized clones of every popular movie, game and book.

Bibleman is their answer to Batman, Superman and other caped heroes. In this video he battles The Shadow of a Doubt, a sinister bad guy who represents doubts about whether Christianity is true.

It should perhaps be a red flag to these people that their religion teaches them that it’s good to doubt other religions, but not their own. That may require a degree of self-awareness that is unreachable for this crowd, however.

Anyways, as ever, there’s more of this. *So much more*. Youtube is an absolute treasure trove of it. I think this will be the last one I do about Christians for a while though, I’m getting tired of it. Maybe Mormons or Muslims next. Or Scientologists, if I’m feeling masochistic.

All of those groups consist of human beings though. I’m leaning on myself hard to never forget that. I was deceived once as well, but various people were patient enough to reason me out of it.

I ought to pay it forward, and make a stronger effort to increase my patience with people who have been conditioned to fight every attempt to reveal to them that they have been tricked. They are not enemies, but potential friends.

Boy is it hard not to laugh sometimes though, if only so I don’t cry. That dude in the dog costume, holy shit. Somebody hold me.

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