Day Trip to the Humane Society: So Many Cats, Dogs and Rabbits!

@Amandarichards talked me into yet another of our trips in the Steem Mobile. That’s what it’s for though, so all the better. It was sort of a grey rainy day unsuitable for outdoor stuff anyways, and who can say no to cute animals?

The entrance. They were so kind as to have a coffee and hot chocolate dispenser on hand, free of charge. We both availed ourselves, then browsed what Amanda called “the cat and dog zoo”. Depressing but accurate, the cats seemed much less bothered by their confinement than the dogs.

One of the many multi-cat enclosures, designed to simulate a living room complete with carpeting. This shit is nicer than my old apartment. They’re living pretty well, but cats deal well with indoor living. The dog pens were a bit more austere as you’ll see in a bit.

Look at this cute fuzzy faced duder. Just hanging out and trilling at passersby, waiting to be adopted. He was so friendly I doubt he’ll have to wait much longer. I scratched behind his ear through the bars.

The Egyptian themed enclosure. Again, pretty nice digs. The cats here want for nothing. I don’t know for sure but would be surprised if there aren’t live webcams in these rooms someplace.

This guy was just loafin’, and peering suspiciously at us. But then cats always look suspicious of everybody and everything. Cats are shady as shit so probably most of that is just projection.

This was the least fancy of the bunch. But still a great deal nicer than the dog enclosures, perhaps because anxious dogs tend to destroy furniture and anything else that’s destructible. Here’s what their enclosures looked like:

The dogs, by contrast with the aloof and seemingly indifferent cats, were plainly distraught. They had the attention of volunteers but still seemed to despair at their conditions. It is difficult to blame them, this place feels like prison.

There’s even ass rape, just like a real prison! They have it all. Those are assuredly two males as well, they don’t house males and females in the same enclosures. Want a gay dog? Come on down and adopt this one! His cell mate will thank you.

This tiny dude really didn’t wanna be there. Typically there was piss and shit in the enclosures just because dogs won’t use a litter box, so they just lay down paper and replace it frequently. Not much else to be done, dogs are messy.

Weiner doges. Just loafing, ear inside out but not giving a fuck. At least they’re not forcibly sodomizing one another. Life is ruff in dog prison. Yes I just made that joke, I’m a savage.

There were also mice in the same room with the rabbits. No hamsters oddly, just mice. But then only larger hamsters make good pets, the dwarf ones are constantly nervous and refuse to be held, like guinea pigs (also present in this room).

Look how huge this rabbit was! So huge, so fluffy and so chill. I was tempted but the conditions of my rental agreement prohibit any additional pets, and I feel I don’t know enough about what rabbits need to thrive and be happy to responsibly care for one.

A beautiful velveteen rabbit, just rabbiting it up as rabbits are known to do. They have their own body language which differs a great deal from that of dogs or cats, so a lot of reading is necessary to recognize their emotional state.

That’s all for now. We have our eye on a nearby sloth sanctuary next, though unlike our free trip to this humane society, the sloth sanctuary charges quite a bit to visit. It may need to wait until my finances re-stabilize, but keep your eyes peeled.


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