Diary of a Caveman: Boys Getting Weaker. Is Tribe Doomed?


Ogg not old fashioned. But lately Ogg see troubling new things. Some boys in tribe use red flower to soften meat before eat. They say is too tough to chew otherwise. They are so weak and girly! My father had no trouble chew meat, I have no trouble chew meat. Red flower only for weaklings.

I see also boys skin animal and wear fur of animal on their bodies because they are too weak for cold. My father did not need any animal skin, I need no animal skin.

Then today, I see boys putting seed from fruit in ground, say they can control food supply. They say life become easy with reliable food, no more need hunt. Hunting so hard they not even try? Grow plants for eat because they too lazy or scared for hunt??

That not even worst part. They leaving caves to live in big groups where plants are grown! I tell them, our fathers lived in caves. Their fathers lived in caves. Great ancestors lived in caves! But they say is cold, wet and not as safe. They make their own caves out of trees and mud, help to grow plants.

Boys growing less manly every generation! Relying more and more on things they make, less on strength of body. Clean themselves in river so they not smell bad. Father did not clean himself in river! Ogg not clean himself in river! Real man supposed to smell bad!

It clear to Ogg, tribe moving backwards and getting worse. All these signs prove it! Something need be done soon, to undo all of this damage and go back to the ways of our great ancestors, before it too late…

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