[Dream Report] Anti-Gravity Powers, Shopping Mall and Buddhist Tower Academy


I was going to say “this was a weird one” but realized I’ve opened the past couple of dream reports that way. They’re all weird ones. Nothing really sets this one apart I guess, except perhaps it was less coherent of a narrative than some prior dreams.

It began in an apartment I don’t recognize. I’ve never lived anyplace like it. But I soon discovered I had a strange new power. Not telekinesis exactly (which I had in some older dreams) but the ability to make any one object at a time weightless for as long as I choose.

Should I make some other object weightless, the one that was floating before would fall to the ground, subject to gravity once more. So it was well and truly limited to one object at a time. I also had no control over the object. I could not make it move, it would just float lazily according to air currents.

Eventually I got the idea to try this on water. I filled the bath tub with water, and caused it to become weightless. As I hoped, the entire tub shaped mass of water floated up and out of the bath tub. However when it would drift apart into more than one mass of water, the smaller masses would become subject to gravity, splashing onto the bathroom floor.

I panicked and cancelled the antigravity effect for the entire water mass, which splashed to the floor and got everything in the room soaking wet. There was no smooth transition to the next portion of the dream. Next thing I knew, I was in a shopping mall.

Many of my dreams take place in weird retro futuristic shopping mall type structures. But instead of just shops, there are apartments, schools, clinics, grocery stores, and every other necessity of life. As if it’s some parallel universe where a disaster forced all of humanity to live indoors.

I looked at a variety of retro futuristic electronics, which is often the focus of these mall dreams. Wish fulfillment I think, as the devices I examine and consider purchasing are often things I wish really existed but don’t. Stuff like modern game systems from companies that went out of business many years ago, or games for systems that died too soon.

There was something resembling a Sega Saturn, but it used cartridges, each of which had a screen built into it for unclear reasons. There was an abstract game playing on a monitor with an early 1990s CGI aesthetic to it, lots of basic geometric solids with shiny textures applied, like the art that used to go on Trapper Keepers.

As I exited the game shop and continued exploring, I came upon an enormous atrium. In the center was the base of a tower which extended up through the ceiling. It was styled like a pagoda, made from polished black wood of some kind. The inset designed were eye wateringly ornate.

When I approached, a guard informed me it was a Buddhist academy, and that they’d been waiting for me. I assured him he must be confused and that I couldn’t be who they were waiting for. Nevertheless he led me inside and up the stairs until I could see sky through the windows.

The sky was a foul, hazy brown. Something was not right about it. Eventually we arrived before a congregation of monks, seated cross-legged in concentric circles around a central platform. I stood on the platform and was addressed by the headmaster of the school.

He had a black beard and wore a long black gown with a faint red pattern of lines on it. He asked that I submit to a blood test. I did. The man who drew blood from me then tested it with a laptop, and informed the headmaster that I really wasn’t who they had been waiting for.

I was like “I tried to tell you!” and he became irritated with me. They opened a window and roughly tossed me out. But I used my anti-gravity power to make myself weightless. It saved my life, but I was also stuck. I couldn’t turn off my weightlessness or I would fall to my death. But I also could not control the direction I drifted in, carried along by the wind.

The air smelled awful and I had a coughing fit. Eventually I had enough and decided I’d rather fall, so I let it happen and woke up within a few seconds of falling, as often happens to me in that situation.

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