[Dream Report] Being Able to Fly Isn’t Enough to Be a Superhero…


This was another one of those dreams where I learn how to fly, but there’s some limitation on it. In past flight dreams I could never just soar freely. Maybe I could glide, or maybe I could kick off the air to double-jump, stuff like that. This dream was no different.

This time, I found if I jumped, but then froze my position mid-jump, I wouldn’t come down. I’d just hang there, mid-air. If I did this with a running start, the momentum would carry me forward and I could coast over large gaps. With further practice I found that with certain slight body motions I could steer my trajectory.

This meant some pretty funny looking flight, as I was holding a mid-jump position the entire time I was flying around. However I began to wonder if everybody could do this if only they knew the secret, or if it was only me. I went looking for some friends to tell about it.

They were people from highschool and college I haven’t seen for years. When my dreams need friends, my subconscious seems to populate those roles basically at random from my entire life history. Sometimes it’s people I haven’t known since first grade.

Anyways I explored this rusty looking building with corrugated metal siding. There were lots for businesses inside with out-facing windows. Many of them were boarded up, with “for lease” signs. There was a bar in the corner of the building that was still open, with live music. I found my friends there.

When I told them about the flight, they didn’t believe me, but followed me out into a field where I showed them. Soon enough they all got the hang of it themselves. There were five of us, running, jumping, then holding position to fly around. “We should become superheroes!”

It seemed logical at the time. If you can fly, you become a superhero. “What kind of superhero do you want to be? Like the Power Rangers, with mechanical looking armor, or like the X-Men with spandex?” Everybody said X-Men. I wanted Power Ranger style armor.

They said we all had to match, or I couldn’t be in their superhero team. I objected that I was the one who taught them how to fly in the first place, but they were adamant. So they went off to make their costumes and I went off to make mine. It was shiny red, with the face of a robot lion coming out the right side of the helmet, and the face of a robot eagle coming out the left side. The visor was shiny black tinted plastic.

I then explored the area looking for criminals to fight. Instead I wandered into a building where apparently a graduation ceremony was taking place. I crept around the edge, behind some curtains, not wanting to disrupt it. Eventually a girl with braces noticed me. “What are you doing in that costume?”

I told her I’m being a superhero. She asked if the costume is bulletproof. I told her it isn’t. “Well, are you impervious to bullets?” No, I said. “Are you super strong, or super fast?” No, I said. “What are your powers?” I told her I can fly. She shook her head. “That’s not enough to be a superhero. Criminals will just shoot you, and it’ll be over.”

I rubbed my chin thoughtfully, agreed, and decided not to be a superhero.

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