[Dream Report] Cops Stole My Damn Car

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This one was mundane until the lucid portion began. I was sleeping in a tent on the side of the road, because I was driving cross-country and wanted to stop for the night, but there were no hotels or anything close by.

When I awoke, I found my car was gone. There was a note left behind explaining it was illegal to leave the car there and it had been impounded by the police. I was livid but could do nothing about it, and would have simply been stuck except that a family friend happened to drive by.

I know this family really well and have since I was very young. It was a huge relief to be taken in like that. It was snowing out, they all had thick jackets on. I didn’t but was not cold for some reason. They fed me and let me use their phone and computer to find out where my car was being held.

They also let me spend the night, as the sun was going down and they didn’t want to send me off after dark when it was snowing. This would have been fine, but their house turned out to be haunted.

I began lucid dreaming here. I realized I was asleep, but when I studied my surroundings for any sign of it, everything was photorealistic. As real as it looks when I’m awake. I tried willfully navigating the house, just walking from room to room and everything stayed where it should be.

I then halfway woke up. I was booted out of the dream, saw only blackness but could feel my body laying in bed. I was frustrated and wanted to resume the dream. Perhaps because I did not fully wake up, I was able to.

I once again found myself in that house. Only as I entered a new room, it suddenly grew very dark. The light was still on, the darkness was just like some sort of black fog. Shadow with substance to it like a vapor which suddenly flooded in.

A red man rushed past me. Not even looking at me. Not a threat, just startling. When I say red, he wasn’t glowing, nor covered in blood. Just red everywhere. Like his hair, skin and everything were saturated with red pigment. He had shoulder length hair and looked as if he was impatient and had somewhere to be.

There was this hazy segment where I found a doll house with modular rooms that shifted around relative to one another but I don’t remember it as clearly as the rest of the dream, so that’s about as complete a description of it as I can give you.

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