[Dream Report] Dangerous Downhill Sledding Class Trip


Couldn’t find an accurate pic for this, as usual. I comfort tested my car bed thingie by sleeping in it last night. I woke up a bunch in the night when the electric blanket came unplugged and as a consequence, my dream was weird and disjointed.

I was in highschool again, on some sort of annual class trip up into the mountains. There was a resort at the top where you could rent these huge black sleds with handles and roll cages. Somewhere between a bobsled and a luge.

There was then a deliberately iced path with guard rails on either side which spiraled down the mountain. It was absurdly dangerous because if you took the turns at too high a speed, the rails were not enough to prevent you from flying off the edge, which I nearly did more than once.

These were harrowing moments where I brought the sled to a skidding stop just short of the edge using some sort of brake lever, heart pounding as I’d almost died. Nobody else seemed to be having as much trouble with it.

At the bottom was a cozy lodge where the staff offered us a nacho pizza for lunch. Like, a pizza with nachos as the toppings. “If you don’t like that” they said, “there’s a local restaurant called Shrimpy’s you can order from. But all their dishes are shrimp based.”

The inside of the lodge had all sorts of curious statues and machines. One was a miniature roller coaster I was urged to ride. I insisted I was too large for it, but when I tried, somehow it worked. I didn’t shrink down, I just somehow squeezed into the carts which were the size of those outdoor ride-on trains for kids at some zoos or amusement parks.

“Where’s your ticket?” the conductor asked. I was about to answer that I didn’t have any, but when I checked my pocket, there it was. He scolded me anyway because I hadn’t put it together. The ticket was in four parts, shaped like paper tetris pieces. Only after assembling them the right way did he accept the ticket and stop hassling me.

After the roller coaster ride we sat in a circle and shared something about ourselves. It went relatively normally until this weird girl with frizzy hair wearing scuba gear started talking about her conspiracy theories. She said that unmanned government drone submarines constantly patrol the ocean so that when UFOs crash land in it, they can retrieve the debris before anybody else finds it.

Everybody else just kinda nodded and patiently waited for her to be done. After that we gathered around a game console to play some sort of battle game. There were thousands of characters onscreen from every conceivable cartoon and videogame franchise, all fighting one another to the death inside of a deep canyon in the desert.

The dream ended here. Some of it seems to indicate something or other about feeling unprepared, like the close calls when I nearly went off the edge, or when I didn’t realize I had to put my ticket together. The rest just seems like the usual dream logic nonsense. I dunno. What do you think?

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