[Dream Report] Dream Monsters Do Not Abide Tourism

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This one was very abstract. There was nothing in the way of a recognizable environment or characters. I was plunged into what felt like an ocean, but it wasn’t water. I could still breathe, and what I saw around myself was the night sky. Sort of?

The stars were twinkling diamonds embedded in a sheet of slowly undulating black velvet. All around me waves slowly traveled along the surface of the material, and there was this deep, low pitched humming that penetrated to my bones.

I felt as if something huge was close by, studying me, but I couldn’t see anything identifiable as a person or creature. It led to anxiety building up within me. I didn’t fight it, and instead let it peak. Then, just as quickly, it was gone.

“Do you admire my splendor?” a booming voice inquired. Finally, whatever I felt saw fit to reveal its presence. I confessed that it was all very beautiful. That in fact, the longer I examined the arrangement of diamonds, the more I’d begun to see a pattern.

“I am very beautiful, it is true. And I contain many secrets, but they are not for you to know.” Though the voice said this, I felt as if I was on the verge of discovering some of those secrets anyway, just by examining patterns in my surroundings.

As if detecting this, the voice shifted, now sounding vaguely tense. “How did you find me, anyway? Where do you come from?” I told him I didn’t know how I wound up here. I didn’t realize I was dreaming, else I might’ve simply told him that.

“What will you give me then? What will you do for me?” I told him it wasn’t clear what he meant. “Don’t give me that. You come in here and look at my most beautiful work, and you want to just leave? To dip in, take what you want, then just vanish?”

I asked what he wanted in return. “It’s not about that. It shouldn’t be so transactional. You should have come to me equally willing to bear your inner most beauty. I don’t care anymore. You can go. Just don’t do that again. You can’t be a tourist in someone’s heart.”

With that, the slowly waving sheet of velvet and diamonds began to recede. Fading at the same time, until I emerged through the water-like surface and awoke. Feeling oddly guilty, though I’d not trespassed on purpose. There was at least a definite, useful lesson here.

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