[Dream Report] Exploited for Telekinetic Powers by Fake Friends


This one was oddly somewhat of a continuation of the last dream. Only in the sense that I once again had the power to move objects (including myself) with my mind and again, was afraid people would find out about it.

This time I was on vacation in Minnesota, at a cabin that is just about my most favorite place in the world. It’s rare I get to spend any time there but when I do I’m happier than at any other time or in any other place I can think of. I have so many good memories there, and it’s still a really comforting place to be.

My time there was up however so I was packing all my things, concerned I would forget something and then have to wait years before I could come back here to retrieve it. On my way through town I stopped at a gas station. I was in an RV so there was a wait until the line of cars thinned out so I could physically get in position to refuel.

While I waited I wandered into an arcade next door. It was very old timey with lots of games like Qbert and Joust. I had such great fun playing these. Then I came upon a game similar to pachinko but with a little micro machines style toy car which stuck to the back of the vertical play board by magnetism.

It would “drive” down the board, you’d control it to avoid obstacles and try to get it into one of the various goal alcoves that were different sizes, with the smallest being worth the most. I used my ability to guide the car, despite erratic steering designed into the game to make it more difficult, into the highest value alcove.

“Hey how did you do that?” I tensed up. Some kid had come up behind me to watch me play. It was at this point I realized, because I was looking at him eye to eye, I was about the same age. 10–12 I would estimate. I made excuses but he insisted it’s really hard, that he’s been trying to get the highest value goal for years after school and never got it.

I finally fessed up. He suddenly became really chummy with me and invited me to his baseball practice. I thought nothing of it and for some reason totally forgot I was supposed to be gassing up the RV. I’ve always wanted social acceptance and had to guard against people who sense that about me and exploit it.

He introduced me to his buddies/team mates, all dressed up for baseball. They argued among themselves saying they didn’t want me on their team until the kid I came with whispered something to them. Suddenly they were all excited and welcoming.

As they taught me how to play the game, I occasionally used my ability to guide the ball into my bat. The kid asked me if I could do that for everybody on the team, if I could make myself run around the diamond faster and what all else I could do with the ability.

It still didn’t occur to me by that point what was going on. I thought I’d just made some new friends and was well liked by them. The sun went down, and the big game began. A night game evidently with those bright banks of floodlights on all around us.

I did as I was told, helping the others succeed. Finally I was up to bat. “Get a home run” the kid whispered. I wondered aloud what would happen if I didn’t. He balked at me. “That’s what you’re here to do, dingus.” I told him I thought I was here because they liked me.

“Just get a home run.” The other team, dressed in all black uniforms with red numbers on their jerseys, looked frustrated and confused by how well we were doing. I realized I was being dishonest and unfair, cheating them out of a possible well deserved victory by helping these people who never really cared about me.

“Home run! Home run! Home run!” the crowd on our side chanted. “Foul ball! Foul ball! Foul ball!” the other half of the crowd chanted. It was deafening. People shouting demands at me. Shouting what they wanted from me. Nobody caring who I am as a person, just what I could do for them.

So I took off my helmet, dropped it and the bat, then flew away into the starry night sky leaving both teams wide eyed and slack jawed far below. I felt conflicted. Maybe I was letting them down? Or maybe I should have switched teams and evened out the score before I left.

It was just such an ethical tangle that I no longer wanted any part of. I had my own feelings to tend to and the only thing I could figure out to do was to extricate myself from the situation so I could look at it from afar, where I had the breathing room to fully process it and decide what, if anything, to do.

I dunno what I decided though, as I woke up there.

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