[Dream Report] Floating Buildings, the Forbidden Door and Fake Santa

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This is a two part dream as I woke up at one point, took a leak and then crawled back into bed. In the first part I found myself standing in a crumbling old building with holes in the roof. Through the holes, I could see there was a hot air balloon above it. When I found a crack in the floor and peered through it, I realized I was above the clouds.

Opening the door revealed many other buildings like the one I stood in, also suspended from hot air balloons. They were connected to each other by odd little transports. Like cable cars, but without motors. Instead the motors were on the houses, and pulled the cable car to one end or the other using rope and pulleys.

I rode the cable car to an adjacent building, where I only narrowly avoided being noticed by a platoon of strangely dressed soldiers. At least I assume that’s what they were, as they carried rifles. They stood before a high tech door with many kinds of mechanical locks. There was a glowing red digital display on it, like an alarm clock.

The leader of the armed men, dressed more fancily, repeatedly input numbers into the keypad. The numbers appeared on the glowing red display. He got it wrong over and over, so he must have been guessing. Frustrated, he shouted at his men, and they all filed out of the room. Back to the drawing board?

Once they left, I tried my hand at it. For whatever reason, the door opened for me on the first try. Is it my door? Did I know the code and didn’t realize it? I passed through into a cool, enveloping darkness.

This is where I woke up. After returning to sleep, the next dream began. I found myself in a shopping mall during Christmas. There was a big central display consisting of a huge pile of glittering gold coins. A man dressed as Santa burst out of the pile, like a stripper out of a birthday cake.

After a song and dance, the man dressed as Santa retreated to the bathroom. I found him there with his fake beard off and asked him about the possibility of helping me with a charitable endeavor involving the homeless. He said it’s just a costume, that he’s not the real Santa and can’t help anybody, however hard he might try. “The reindeer don’t fly, there are no elves, and no workshop at the north pole” he said. “I’m just here to make children happy”.

I retreated, disappointed. I felt there must be some secret he was keeping from me. What about the gold coins? If I could take even one home with me, that would be all I needed. That’s when I spotted a narrow opening to a crawlspace, where construction was not yet complete.

I figured I could hide out in there until the mall closed, pocket one of the coins, then hide in the crawlspace again until it reopened. Then I could just walk out as if nothing was amiss. I wouldn’t get the chance however, as that’s when I awoke.

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