[Dream Report] Gears in the Sky, and the End of the World

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I was apparently employed as a scientist in this one. Like everybody else I worked with, I wore a white labcoat. But as we went about our routine, I began to take notice of faint moving forms behind mirrors, and the fact that there were CCTV cameras in every corner of the ceiling.

When I placed my face right up against the mirror and peered in, I could see a row of scientists in black labcoats studying us, whispering worriedly to one another. Presumably about the fact that I’d noticed them. One of them pointed to me urgently and issued instructions to the rest that I couldn’t hear.

As I watched them file out of the small dark observation room through a door in the rear wall, I realized that they were coming for me. There was no audible alarm, but only because they didn’t want to reveal what was going on to the others. We thought we were the one carrying out experiments, but the whole time we were test subjects ourselves.

I fled to the parking lot, but every car was too small to fit in. There didn’t even seem to be an interior to sit inside of. Instead, the top folded open into a seat. You rode atop it, open air, like an adult sized Power Wheels. I chose the Tesla Model S but still wound up feeling silly riding around in a vehicle too small for me.

It did the job though, I didn’t even look back but instead hauled ass straight to my home. A dome house, naturally. But soon enough I heard muffled pops from next door. When I peered out through the blinds, I could see into my neighbor’s living room through a window. The black labcoat men were shooting them all dead, having apparently invaded the wrong house.

I escaped into the back yard as their shiny black cars pulled into my driveway. The only way out was to squeeze my body through a narrow gap behind a shed, which led to an opening in the fence. I ran for it, heading through a field of grass into the woods. But soon, things began to go even more wrong.

The ground shook under me. An earthquake? The trees swayed. Boulders cracked. It became dark in the span of a minute, but there was no moonlight. Instead, I saw a bunch of moving points of distant light shining through the trees. Helicopter spotlights, maybe?

The ground shook again. It became unbearably cold. My tears froze to my face, but I kept running. A booming voice issued forth. “You shouldn’t have done this.” I kept trying to find some place to hide but the lights were on all sides now. “It’s all your fault” the deafening voice called out.

It abruptly grew scorchingly hot. I was soon drenched with sweat, crawling along the ground, still searching for a hiding place. “I’m sorry!” I shouted. Some bizarre series of noises, like distorted birdsong could now be heard. Tweets, chirping and the sound of loud whistles.

When I looked up into the sky, the clouds parted and I saw unbelievably immense gears. Out in space, had to be, but close enough to be seen from the surface of the Earth. They turned in increments, and I soon realized they were ticking down seconds. Until what?

I reached the edge of the forest, but there was no more land. Just a backdrop. It looked like a suburb as seen from the air, at an isometric angle. House after house, yard after yard, repeating like an escher painting. I couldn’t actually go there. It was like a holographic wallpaper.

When I looked over my shoulder, the far end of the forest was beginning to come apart. Trees were ripped out of the ground and sucked up into the sky, through the opening in the clouds. Boulders and soil went with them. I was now confined to a strip of forest about half a mile long and 200 feet wide, but rapidly shrinking as it dissolved.

“It didn’t have to be this way” the voice once again boomed as I huddled within a hollowed out tree trunk. The ground shook more and more violently as I gripped handfuls of grass for dear life, until I too was sucked up into the sky. Surrounded on all sides by floating trees, boulders and dirt also flying up into the gap in the clouds with me.

I woke up terrified and confused. Who were the black labcoat men? What was the nature of the experiment? Why was it important enough to kill innocent people over? How could they have the power to undo the very land under my feet like that? Were they, too, the unwitting subjects of some even larger test carried out by another level of scientists they never knew about?

I’m sure I’ll never get answers to any of these. But odds are good I’ll draw on some of this for a story later on, as it really rattled me. Anything in my dreams that gets a strong reaction from me has the potential to become the basis for a compelling story, imo.

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