[Dream Report] I Become the Boogeyman! (((╹д╹;)))

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This started out very conventionally for a nightmare. I was a small boy, wandering the house I grew up in alone during a thunderstorm. The power was out, so there was no light to be had except my flashlight. Odds are good much of this was inspired by the Boogeyman VR game I played so much of a while back.

Anyways as I explored the house I kept spotting long, bony fingers gripping the edges of things. Doors for example, suggesting the Boogeyman was clinging to the other side. I would call out “I see you there!” and the fingers would retreat back behind the door/whatever else.

I just grew more and more anxious until finally, fed up, I decided I wasn’t enjoying any of it and would rather be the boogeyman this time. Just like that, we traded places. I was now the boogeyman, crawling along the ceiling, hidden by shadows.

My job for some reason was to hunt my younger self through the house. Simply to scare him? It wasn’t clear even to me what my motivation was, only that I had to do it. I felt weightless and could pull myself along any surfaces as quickly as my muscles allowed, something like how astronauts pull themselves around inside the ISS.

At last the sun came up, so I swapped back into my normal body. The alarm went off, and I had to go to school. Despite being very young in the dream, it was college classes I had to go and attend. The streets were still wet and slippery from the rain, so I used my skis.

Don’t ask, I don’t know. I was able to cross-country ski smoothly along the wet asphalt somehow, using poles to propel myself. I later checked the underside of the skis and they were scratched up a little, but nowhere near as bad as I’d expect them to be after such mistreatment.

My first class was 3D modeling. The professor told me it was nice to have me back, but I had a lot of late work to make up since I’d been gone for many years. As if we’re just meant to continue attending the same classes out entire lives or something?

It made me feel really anxious, as school dreams generally do. It’s always something like not knowing what my classes are, not knowing which rooms they’re held in, discovering I’ve accidentally skipped a class for days or weeks at a time. In some dreams I have to go back and attend middle school because they found out I was short some credits.

Anyways there was this girl with dark frizzy hair who began antagonizing me the minute I sat down. Talking about how I wasn’t any good, how I’d fail the class for sure and how I probably had a crush on her. I told her she was flattering herself and that she looked very plain to me, which sent her into a fit. I heard (but did not see) people around me go “Oooohhh you shouldn’t have said that.”

I complained that I was only here to complete the necessary credits. I was apparently part of some narrative in the girl’s head and she expected me to play that role, but I had important things to get done which did not allow me to participate in her scheme, whatever it may be.

She then became flirtatious and tried to get a reaction from me that way. I was focused however on what appeared to be a simple 3D scene consisting of a dungeon corridor with brownish green brick walls and torches lighting it up somewhat. “I do not have time for your behavior” I told her. “I must focus on polygons.”

Apparently not what women long to hear. Eventually I decided I was fed up with her interference and I’d continue the project after I awoke, reasoning that because she’s part of the dream, she would be destroyed in the process. So I awoke. She was indeed destroyed but I did not continue modeling a dungeon corridor.

What does it mean? If I were to guess it would be my struggles balancing my focus on computers, VR and making money with them, and my relationships. I think the hardest I have ever been cussed out by a woman was when I turned down a booty call because I was in the middle of a Skies of Arcadia boss.

Do I need to change? I doubt it. I’m seeing somebody very low maintenance at the moment who is almost constantly busy. That jives very neatly with my own schedule and hermitic tendencies. The apparent message of the dream, “do not avoid emotional engagement by retreating into digital fantasy worlds” is probably good advice in general though.

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