[Dream Report] Midnight Snacks at the Glass Restaurant


Couldn’t find an accurate picture for this one. That’s often the case but this was really an oddball dream with some unusual architecture, so there wasn’t much of a chance I’d be able to find anything even close to representative.

I was in a desert, at the edge of a canyon at the tail end of a sunset. There was still a thin band of glowing orange on the horizon but the stars were fully visible. I was in some sort of small fast food restaurant just off a highway running along the edge of the canyon.

Because of its position, the restaurant had a staggering view out the windows down into the canyon. There was also an adjacent building, you couldn’t place orders in it, it was just extra seating. The adjacent building was something like a greenhouse, glass walls and roof so you could see the stars.

To my consternation, the restaurant only sold taquitos. Breakfast taquitos when I arrived. I objected, and asked for normal ones. They said the sun was coming up so they had to serve breakfast. I said that I hadn’t seen the sun move at all, so for all they knew it was sun down.

Astonishingly that worked, and they switched over to the regular menu. After I received my food. I went down a flight of stairs into a subterranean basement level where I found three glowing futuristic soda vending machines that were yellow, red and green.

The red one in the center was much larger than the other two. I bought a coke from it, took it upstairs and went to the glass observatory room to eat my meal. I reflected on how much I spent and how many calories were probably in it, but then scolded myself for over-analysis when I should just enjoy the food and the view.

Just then, cop cars approached. I don’t know what I did, just that they were for me and I’d better run. To my surprise I found I could run at about 60 miles per hour, drifting around turns as if I were a car. As I took a corner around the edge of a mountain I saw that the road continued way down below, so I jumped.

I landed on the lower stretch of road with no injures and kept running. By leaping down from one section of road to the next lowest like this I was able to put a lot of distance between myself and the cop cars. However once at the base of the mountain, it became trickier.

Here, there was a tangled nest of elevated highways. I could not tell which part to leap onto in order to get ahead of my pursuers. One wrong leap might set me back and make it easier for them to catch me. The sun was finally coming up now.

I climbed off the highway entirely and began to ascend a gravelly slope. There were train tracks running along it at various heights. I felt safe, reasoning that this was some forsaken, utilitarian area nobody would find me in. But then I began to notice people arriving with boom boxes and picnic baskets and blankets.

Despite it being very industrial and not at all welcoming by my estimation, it was evidently a very popular spot to gather. However I realized none of these people knew I was fleeing police and that I could blend in with them, so I did. The police soon arrived at the top of the slope.

They scanned the area, clearly frustrated, but were unable to pick me out from the crowd. So they got into their cruisers and left. I spent the rest of the dream describing the chase to some new friends I made, just ingratiating myself to some strangers so I could sit on their picnic blanket with them and blend in.

I dunno about this one. Your guess is as good as mine.

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