[Dream Report] Pretending to be a Vampire at the Snow Resort


This was another dream where I could fly, at least somewhat. I initially found myself standing outside of a long, futuristic building not that different from the one in the picture. It was covered in snow, and I could see nothing for miles in any direction except more snowy wasteland, with no trees.

I was working on a van which I apparently owned, trying to get it to start when a cute girl in a parka approached. I didn’t see her at first, and somewhat aware I was in a dream, I floated up off the ground to get a better look into the engine compartment.

She cried out in shock. I turned to see her wide, frightened eyes. “How are you doing that?” she demanded. For some reason I didn’t want her to know she was just a dream character, so I lied. I told her I was a vampire who came to the south pole because it’s dark half the time.

I further explained that vampires canonically have the ability to fly, which she bought. Inexplicably, this made her less afraid of me, rather than more. To my surprise, when I looked at my reflection in the van windshield, lying about being a vampire had actually turned me into one.

I had bone white skin, red irises, fangs and pointed ears. She said she liked vampires and invited me indoors. I went with her hoping mostly to find tools I could use on my van. Inside, there was a ski slope. Like the artificial indoor ski slopes found at some asian mega malls or resorts.

Why would they build an artificial ski slope indoors when it’s so snowy outside? It made no sense, but nobody seemed to care. She and I were standing on a balcony overlooking the slope. I was about to float over the open expanse to a balcony on the other side, but she stopped me.

“Not everybody here is cool with vampires” she whispered. I felt very protected and cared about just then. I remember I had a question I wanted to ask her, but I didn’t get the chance as I woke up shortly after that. As far as plot holes go, this dream had some large enough to fly a blimp through.

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