[Dream Report] Shadow Ghosts at the Lake Cabin


I’m having lake cabin dreams a lot lately. I guess because I’ve not been there in years and I sorely miss it. This time I was driving down a long winding road on the side of a mountain, on my way to the lake. The car skidded on some gravel and careened over the edge.

Somehow, it miraculously landed upright on a stretch of road below. I thanked my incredible luck and continued to the cabin. But there, while unpacking, strange things began to happen. Time began to move faster until I could see the sun setting, visibly moving down towards the horizon.

I could also see shadows of people outside the windows looking in, talking to each other. Shadows, but no people to cast them. The TV, on in the background, showed a news segment about a car crash in the mountains. When I looked at the screen I recognized the wreckage of the car I came in.

It never landed safely. I died there without realizing it. The shadows must be what becomes of a ghost that lingers for too long. I looked and felt solid to myself but knew in time I would fade away and join them.

I woke up here, mercifully. It interrupted the dream, and when I resumed dreaming I got something totally different. I was in a library digging ancient game consoles out of storage. Having a blast with them, amazed they had such a thing in a library at all.

There was a Saturn, a SNES, a Genesis and a 3DO. I played some extremely crude polygonal fighting game on the 3DO that it never actually had, to my knowledge. Also lots of educational titles that taught you about dinosaurs, the ocean and so on.

“Hey, that’s enough of that” a stern voice said. It was a man in a full NASA space suit. “It’s time for spacewalk training” I protested that we weren’t in space. He informed me all air on the Earth had been sucked away by a passing comet (???) and now everything outside buildings was hard vacuum.

So I suited up and joined about a dozen other trainees, all in their own space suits. We practiced going outside through the double door airlock in the front of the building. The sky was jet black, with twinkling stars. There were still fields of green grass, dead instantly when the air vanished but not yet decomposed.

Maybe it would take years to decompose in a vacuum. Decades. I did not explore far, not wanting to find vacuum preserved corpses of people who didn’t make it inside in time. I woke up shortly after this feeling bewildered by all of it.

I think maybe the dusty old game consoles were the safety and comfort of childhood memories? And the world outside being airless, requiring a space suit represents trepidation about how hard it is to live as an adult by comparison. How hostile to life the outside world often seems.

I don’t know about the shadow people outside the cabin, though. Sometimes I can map some degree of meaning to my dreams, other times it’s just balls to the wall bizarro shit I try not to read into. I could probably take a stab at it but it would be as general and vague as most horoscopes.

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