[Dream Report] Star Wars Sticker Concert, and the Collapsing Treehouse


Couldn’t find a better picture for this one, but it’s at least somewhat relevant. It started out in a treehouse my nephew and his friend had built. It was impressively large in terms of floor space but the ceiling was a little low, I could stand up inside it after climbing the ladder but only barely.

“Pretty cool huh?” I nodded, walking around the edges. They suddenly reached out and warned me not to walk to the furthest end because there wasn’t a support there yet, but it was too late. The entire thing tipped, and slid/collapsed out of the tree. Thankfully nobody was seriously hurt.

I apologized and promised to go pick up the tools and parts we would need to repair it, including what they called a “Y junction”. For some reason, that turned out to be Radio Shack. Should’ve known it was a dream since there was a Radio Shack still open. My driving was abnormally poor on the way over. Kept holding up traffic, making turns at the last second, getting honked at a lot.

I wished there was some way to apologize to them, like an emoji display on the outside of the car, and resolved to look for one when I got to Radio Shack. However, it was drive-through only for some reason. The car in front of me in the drive through had this custom fiberglass body on it to make it look like an X-Wing.

Text on it read “Come Try the X-Wing Experience” along with a website. After I got what I came for from the drive through, I followed that car to some sort of huge tent with its own parking lot. When I went inside there were several full scale replica X-Wings you could sit inside of.

I paid the fare and got in one of them. The tent turned out to be a projector surface, to create the appearance of being in space. It was like a very advanced Star Tours. Except interactive, as you could shoot stickers everywhere.

Whenever flying through an asteroid tunnel or whatever, you could shoot a surface and a colorful Star Wars themed sticker would fly out and stick to that spot. As I did this I looked around, and to my surprise the other X-Wings were changing shape.

Morphing slowly into different configurations. Becoming sleeker, more streamlined. Mine didn’t seem to be changing, at least not from the inside. The projected scenery changed from space to this soothing, slowly changing color field of blues, purples and pinks.

A band was revealed by a rising curtain and began to play something totally unrelated to Star Wars. The lead singer finished up by taking five sheets of acid blotters out of his pocket and offering a single hit to everybody who came, promising that it was some special, rare, especially pure kind he used a specific name for that I don’t recall.

I never wound up taking the parts and tools back to repair that treehouse. This happens all the time in my dreams. I’ll start out with some clear cut mission, but then get totally sidetracked again and again until whatever I wind up doing is about as far removed from what I originally set out to do as possible.

Might this be an expression of frustration that I don’t finish what I start? But I typically do. I have a friend who also writes and often says she envies me because I actually finish and publish my work. But there is this story I’ve been taking far too long to finish recently, it’s kicking my ass.

The other thing is, I don’t even like Star Wars. I mean it’s okay but this is the only dream I’ve had in recent memory that was even remotely related to it. What was the poor driving about though? I’ve never had an accident. Maybe a general regret that I have upset people in the past, usually without meaning to, and I have no way of finding them to apologize or make things right.

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