[Dream Report] The Dream Within a Dream…About Telekinesis?


I haven’t written one of these for a while mostly on account of not bothering to remember my dreams. I had a string of mostly unremarkable ones until last night. Have you ever woken up from a dream, but you were still dreaming and didn’t know it?

I was initially out driving, and had parked my car in front of some sort of department store. I had a flashlight with me that I dropped. Without thinking about why, I reached out for it and willed it to come back. It flew from the ground into my hand! I was astonished.

I wondered if I’d imagined it, but then once inside the store I began testing out the newfound ability on small objects. I couldn’t seem to move anything larger than an apple, in fact mostly stuff the size and weight of a walnut or less.

I rationalized this in the dream as the product of the limited energy available to a human brain. It was still a wonderful trick, one I kept concealed at first. When one of the store staff saw me telekinetically moving small objects around for fun, he spoke into a walkie talkie and my image came up on ceiling mounted monitors. My cue to leave.

I drove across the bridge to my parent’s house, convinced my dad would understand this if anybody did. But their house was a mess, stacked high with old halloween and christmas decorations. There were plastic spiders, that fake cotton spiderweb and big bags of candy everywhere.

I practiced moving individual pieces of candy across the floor with my mind. When I showed my Dad, he too was astonished. He suggested I try doing more than just pushing or pulling objects and try to expand or condense them as well.

So I did. I found I could crush or inflate a small foam ear plug. Then a marshmallow peep. Anything soft and with some air inside could be easily compressed or expanded. “You haven’t shown this to anybody, have you?” Dad asked. I assured him I’d only shown it to him so far.

“Well I think the most likely explanation is that you’re dreaming.” I thought about that, and a moment later, woke up in my own bed at my house. It really felt as if I’d just woken up too. Fatigue, eye crust and everything. I took for granted that I was actually awake.

But…when I tried to move small objects with my mind, I discovered that I still could! I rejoiced in the belief that I really had telekinesis. After all, if I’d woken up and the power still worked, it must be real! I left my home on a trip to a school where some people I knew apparently taught classes.

It was a beautiful grey marble building with columns that kudzu or some other vine had grown up around and partly consumed. There were students running about and playing outdoor games in the garden surrounding the building. When I found a familiar face, I told them about my telekinesis and demonstrated it.

“Well I think the most likely explanation is that you’re in fact still dreaming, and never really woke up.” I considered this, and shortly after, I woke up for real. At least I’m pretty sure I did. I spent a minute or two trying to move small objects with my mind this morning before feeling supremely foolish for hoping.

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