[Dream Report] The Fast Shadow in the Parking Lot


I’ve read loads about shadow people, but very rarely seen any. They appear mostly during episodes of sleep paralysis. I’ve never experienced that. The only shadow people I’ve seen were in dreams, and then only fleeting glimpses. This was such a dream.

It started out in something like a gigantic Costco. There were stacks of immense shelves lined with mid sized mechas you could buy. A salesman was trying to talk me into buying a mecha with a small escape craft inside the chest which could launch from it and fly away in an emergency.

I made a show of writing down the item number so he’d move on to somebody else, then went on shopping. Another section of the store had cars. Indoors. Just lined up on shelves, stacked several layers high up to the ceiling. Organized by time period IIRC.

Like it was a general “vehicle store” with all kinds of vehicles. Had I continued exploring I imagine I’d have found a section for boats, a section for planes and so on. I didn’t. After a while I grew tired of it and headed out into the parking lot. This began the search for my car.

I was never good at finding my car in huge lots. I just kinda wander aimlessly pressing the unlock button on the wireless key fob until I see the tail lights blink. It was dark out. But no stars, somehow. There are often no stars at night in my dreams. Just a black expanse overhead.

Endless asphalt, endless cars. Just so many tires, tailpipes, fenders and windshields. When at last I found my own car I was exhausted and ready to go home. Only, the engine wouldn’t start. Wouldn’t even attempt it. Nor could I turn on the lights, so the electrical system was out too.

I called a tow truck. They said they would be an hour, so I just sat there in the dark waiting for them. As I did so, all of a sudden, something whooshed past my car behind me. Exactly where I wasn’t looking. I turned in that direction and peered out into the darkness.

Only cars, as far as the eye could see. Then it whooshed past behind me, on the other side. I whipped around trying to catch sight of it, but was too slow. Something incredibly fast, which did not want to be seen, was checking me out. Maybe looking for a way inside the car.

I started randomly turning this way and that, hoping to see it by coincidence. It worked, somewhat. The next time it zoomed past, I spotted the edge of it out of the corner of my eye. The shadow of a person, just moving at an impossible rate. Blurred heavily but recognizably humanoid.

“What do you want?” I called out. No answer. I waited. Then a car alarm sounded in the distance. I brushed it off as a coincidence and went on waiting. Then another car alarm sounded, noticeably closer. Then another, closer than that. As if it was messing with me.

Soon, the alarm of every car in the lot was blaring. I sat there, hands over my ears, eyes tightly shut, wishing it would stop. I heard the door handle jiggle over the cacophony outside. I looked up, but of course it was gone by then. I closed my eyes again wishing for it to all go away.

I felt something begin rocking the car. I didn’t look up this time, just ignored it as best I could as the car rocked more and more violently. This is when I woke up, startled and feeling as if I would have a heart attack. I wake up this way with alarming frequency and wonder how it may affect my health as I age.

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