[Dream Report] Time Stopping Highschool

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This is another one of those age regression dreams where I’m back in highschool. Only it’s one I didn’t go to. I don’t recognize it from anywhere. At first I’m outside. I arrive with a bunch of other boys dressed as boy scouts. We’re told that we will be camping here.

What they mean is that we should go inside the school and set up our tents in unused rooms. I put on a camoflage ghillie suit type of thing to sneak inside undetected. I have a boxed army base playset under one arm that I mean to plan out covert operations with.

Once inside, I discover a classroom quickly, but it’s in use. Everybody is Korean for some reason. They all look at me. I freeze up, feeling anxious. That’s when I feel stopwatch in my pocket. I use it to freeze time. Then, because they embarrassed me, I try to embarrass them by switching the hats on some of their heads onto the heads of other students.

Then the teacher begins to move, even though time is stopped. He has his own stopwatch it turns out. He scolds me for using my time stopping power in an immature way. I panic and escape outside, leaving everybody frozen in their last position.

Once outside again I find I am on the other side of the school in some sort of courtyard. It’s a grassy park-like space, landscaped with walkways and flowers. I get a running start, then jump into the air, expecting to be able to fly away…only to fall flat on my face.

I’m confused because normally I can fly in my dreams, or at least glide somewhat. I try again and am able to glide a short ways but not gain altitude. There are flightless birds all around me, grazing on the grass. Emus and ostriches, but they have the heads of many different species of birds.

Some have the heads of eagles, others the heads of parrots, seagulls, etc. and all of them look at me as if they’re as confused as I am about why I can’t fly. Or maybe they thought it was weird that a human was trying to fly in the first place. I told them they shouldn’t look down on me since they can’t fly either.

Then they all took off and flew into the sky, leaving me dumbfounded, frustrated and about to be caught by the angry teacher. I think this is another of the dreams I’ve had now and then where I feel frustrated I haven’t accomplished more with my life so far. I think when I start doing better, I’ll be able to fly properly in my dreams.

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