eBike Explorations, Volume 10: I Found These Weird VHS Tapes?

What the hell, right? I wasn’t expecting this. The tapes were just sitting there by a concrete barrier. But I get ahead of myself. I was cycling down a cozy path, shrouded on both sides by generous greenery:

Pictures don’t do it justice. It’s really comfy and mildly mystical at sunset. The beams of light coming through the branches don’t show up on camera. But you can see the fluffy white deposits of dandelion seeds to either side of the path.

At least I think that’s what this stuff is. Before I got a close look I figured it might be mycelium. I guess I’m still not really sure. It’s very pretty and unexpected to find it lining the edges of a bike path though.

There are portions of this trail where there’s some breaks in the trees, and you can see cars zooming down the highway, which kind of sucks. But for much of this particular stretch, you’re totally engulfed by the woods:

Here’s a peek I took into the woods themselves. It’s pretty dense and there’s a dropoff into a gully that makes me paranoid about losing control of my bike and plummeting down there one day. Like that scene in Flight of the Navigator? Anybody?

Probably just hobo tents down there if I had to guess. Beer cans, syringes and other detritus. I keep finding that sort of thing in what would otherwise be beautiful, secluded natural spaces. Meadows for example. It’s a product of the fact that people who are totally broke have nowhere else to live in our society where cops won’t harass them.

Anyways, here’s what you came for: Closeups of the tapes. I don’t have a VCR and if I did I would be afraid of Samara crawling out of the TV screen if I played these, haha. Seems to be the property of one “Joyce Albright”. I left the tapes there as they’re not my property.

“Beatlgeuse”. A confused mashup of Beetlejuice and Betelgeuse, his canonical name in the film. Gonna go ahead and guess this is a copy of that movie. Joyce has good taste.

Nevermind, no she doesn’t. I remember during MDRS I had to do mandatory morning yoga for 2 weeks. We watched a tape like this one to instruct us on doing poses like the downward dog. It was like a weird game of twister, I didn’t approve then and I don’t approve now.

The rest of the tapes had no labels, sadly. What a weird find. How many homeless people have a TV, VCR and electricity? Or if they don’t, why bother holding onto a few VHS tapes you can’t play? Hobo mysteries. Anyway keep your eyes peeled for the next installment of eBike Explorations where I possibly get killed by tweakers.

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