Electric Bikes, Robots and Pierogi at the Portland Saturday Market / Irish Festival

On account of @amandarichards’ car having battery trouble, I wound up driving her and her stuff down to the Saturday market this morning. She runs a henna booth which does fantastic business on nice days like today, so she couldn’t afford to miss out.

It afforded me the opportunity to check out the market for myself, and the adjacent Irish Festival. It was unbearably loud at the festival so I mostly avoided it. I also don’t care for alcohol, so between those two things it had very little that appealed to me.

I did come upon a 54 year old man (he made a point of telling me) riding a wonderful fat tired ‘Voltbike’. 48 volts, 750 watt motor, 566 watt hour battery pack. We had some ebike talk like a couple of ampheads, shooting the shit about ebike adoption rates and swapping out controllers to deliver more current to the motors.

It made me lust after fat tires. The next time I get my wheels respoked I’ll see if I can’t put larger diameter rims and tires on there. Not as huge as the ones on the voltbike, but the ones I have are a bit narrow for such a heavy bike.

Anyways after helping Amanda unload her stuff, I set off in search of a bite to eat. The Saturday Market often has some really unique and unusual culinary options. For example, authentic Polish cuisine. I got kielbasa and pierogi:

It was delicious, but a bit too heavy on the kielbasa and too light on the pierogi. The next time I go there I’ll ask about half a sausage and twice the normal serving of pierogi. I really, really love pierogi. It’s just a supremely filling, calming dish.

The Shamrock Run was going on, which made crossing the street difficult. There was nearby EV charging which made me less impatient about it. When it takes hours to recharge, it’s basically license to fuck around and see the sights while you wait.

Here’s the robot I promised. I didn’t say it was a high tech robot. The bell is in his hand, though here it looks like it’s his ding dong. See what I did there? Only the finest humor on this page. No refunds.

Anyways I found someplace selling bottled Dr Peppers with real sugar and a nice coffee shop nearby, so I’m sipping on that fine diabetes juice and hammering out this post. It’s another slice of life episode! You like those, right?

I hope so. they test well with the focus group of tweakers I abducted from a boxcar. They also advised me to mention the illuminati and reptilians who live in the Earth’s hollow interior though. Hit and miss, that bunch.

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