Electric Motorcycle Update: Good News, Bad News

Bad news first. The one I was preparing to buy was bought out from under me by somebody else literally one day before I would’ve had the money I needed to buy it. Sometimes that happens, no use crying over spilled milk.

The good news is, there’s another motorcycle by the same manufacturer (Zero) for the same price. It’s in Idaho, one state over, so I’d need to pay ~$200 shipping to get it here. It’s got green body panels instead of black, but they are designed to be swappable for the color you want.

It’s also a 2013 instead of 2015. But electric vehicles have so few moving parts that maintenance is not nearly as big an issue for them as for gas bikes. The previous owner also replaced the original 9kwh battery with a 12.5kwh upgraded one in 2015, which will give it a significantly improved range versus the one I was going to buy before. It’s got only ~2,200 miles on the odometer versus well over 4,000 on the other one, which is also a plus.

The speedo is also the old analogue dial version. I much prefer the newer all digital speedo. But they’re modular, I can have it upgraded at the local Zero dealership for a reasonable fee:

The gist is that, like STEEM Cycle, this bike is going to be something of a project it seems. It will need a little bit of work to get it exactly how I like it. But then, that’s part of the fun of two wheelers in general, isn’t it? Working on them, tuning every little part, dialing everything in to your exact preference until it fits you like a glove.

I’ve never dealt with interstate shipping of something this large before, either. Not since moving my old scooter up from Florida, anyhow. I don’t really remember all the shit that went into arranging for that. But while I have a poor memory, I make up for it by being a quick learner. (“re-learner”?)

More info as it comes.

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