>”Electrons don’t discriminate on the grid. You are paying and extra $4 a month to fool yourself and make some green crony capitalists rich.”

This is a cartoonish perspective which pretends they could get away with such a thing when their operations are transparent to the government.

The money paid by customers who opt for renewable only is earmarked and used to purchase power from wind farms, utility scale solar, hydro power (which furnishes 40% of total grid power in Oregon) and geothermal.

While “electrons don’t discriminate”, as you say, this setup means that people opting for renewables only means more money for renewable installation owners and less for gas and coal.

This in turn drives the continued expansion of renewable energy infrastructure and the decline of coal, though we have only one coal plant left at this point and only 6 natural gas plants. Compare that to 27 hydroelectric plants, 10 solar farms and 35 wind farms.

>”In Germany and the UK where renewables have proliferated, millions of people have been pushed into heat-or-eat poverty.”

Around the world, poor subsistence farmers have been driven to starvation or suicide by a changing climate which affects their ability to reliably grow enough to eat.

Poor fishermen will be next as a combination of overfishing and oceanic acidification results in the extinction of edible fish species, in particular as many of the species they eat require coral reefs to breed, which are being bleached rapidly by the increasing average ph of seawater.

>”Energy systems have become a cycle of tax subsidized as more and more ineffective renewables are added to the grid — who gets rich? The investors, on the backs of the poor. How is that “climate justice’? One of the reasons there are so many more homeless people in California is due to energy policies making daily living difficult. How can you be blind to that.”

It’s climate justice for the farmers and fishermen in the third world increasingly deprived of a livelihood by the fossil fuel industry’s treatment of the atmosphere and ocean as a dumping ground.

>”Hybrid vehicles make sense — EVs not so much. Blair King has good insights”

This appears to just be some guy’s blog. I am guessing most of your info about this topic comes from blogs.

>”Calling Bjorn Lomborg names shows you are not willing to consider reasoned debate.”

The reasoned debate was in the video I linked which proves Bjorn Lomborg fudge his math. Calling him a liar and fossil industry shill isn’t name calling, it’s true.

>”Enjoy your $4 /month green delusion.”

Enjoy the cold embrace of the grave.


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