Fiberoptic Internet Update: Much Faster, But More Improvement is Possible

Earlier I wrote about having 1 gig fiber hooked up. I used the modem I bought ahead of time (c1000z) and the result? Unacceptably slow speeds over wifi.

I kept the modem they left me with however and decided to try that out today, after discovering they were only charging market price for it anyway. The result?

That’s more like it! But still a far cry from what is achievable with the right equipment. After navigating the robot voice automated tech support to the point where I could speak with a human, I got my PPPD ID and password to put into the new modem, and could get online again.

From there, I ordered a couple of the fastest but cheapest USB 802.11ac 5Ghz adapter I could find (ASUS makes it). This will get my main PC, laptop and media center PC online at something like 867Mbps each. I also ordered some flat ethernet cable to see whether it’s worth it to attempt a direct connection.


This is turning out to be much more expensive than I thought. What with the lawn care equipment I had to buy recently and SBD tanking again, I’m feeling pretty nervous about my near future. It’s funny how many hidden costs there are when you sign up for basically anything at all.

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