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  • Fabien Cousteau

    Fabien Cousteau

    1st grandchild of Jacques Cousteau and son of J.M. Cousteau, Fabien champions the legacy & mission of exploration, filmmaking, advocacy & http://t.co/nozCYOEiuZ

  • N. Gordon-Bloomfield

    N. Gordon-Bloomfield

    Electric car advocate, geek, journalist, mom, and troublemaker.

  • Ken Levine

    Ken Levine

    I was the creative director and co-founder of Irrational Games. Current Project: www.youtube.com/watch?v=58FWUkA8y2Q

  • PZ Myers

    PZ Myers

    Evo-devo biologist at the U of Minnesota Morris, politically progressive, ferociously godless, proudly feminist, always ready to rage against ignorance.

  • Evan Lewis-Healey

    Evan Lewis-Healey

    Cognitive neuroscientist interested in all things mind and brain | Writer for Psychedelic Spotlight

  • Joseph Day

    Joseph Day

    PhD, Biophysics. Have served in elected office. Enjoy Spanish, Russian, and other languages. It's a way to understand and relate to people around the world.

  • Raphael Klarfeld

    Raphael Klarfeld

    I am a retired psychiatrist with a liberal attitude about the political direction the US should take in most all aspects of government.

  • Emily Mullin

    Emily Mullin

    Former staff writer at Medium, where I covered biotech, genetics, and Covid-19 for OneZero, Future Human, Elemental, and the Coronavirus Blog.

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