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  • MartinEdic


    Former software marketer. Former musician. Writer, nine non-fiction books, two novels, Buddhist, train lover. Amateur cook, lover of life most of the time!

  • Dark Energy Articles

    Dark Energy Articles

    Follow me if you are interested in engaging articles. Top writer in Space, Science, Technology, History, Life, Travel and more!

  • LauraMaery Gold, LMFT

    LauraMaery Gold, LMFT

    Therapist, author, and felicitously married mother of seven, writing on communicating clearly and partnering perfectly. Obsessed with medium.com/relating

  • Beverly Garside

    Beverly Garside

    Beverly is an author, artist, and a practicing agnostic.

  • Vincent V. Triola

    Vincent V. Triola

    Commentary, fiction, & poetry. Novels available at https://www.amazon.com/author/vincentt & more articles at https://vincenttriola.com/

  • Clem Samson

    Clem Samson

    Essayist, humorist, satirist, funny-ist, poetist, fictionalist, fabulist, quizzist, journalist. Creative Writing Prof at Harvard College, Duluth, Minnesota.

  • Nicholas Flann

    Nicholas Flann

    I live in a natural world on a 4.5 billion year old planet circling a star. Our culture, our minds and our bodies are all a product of nature, no gods required.

  • Darin Austin

    Darin Austin

  • Fadew


    Fadew is a British independent magazine and publishing platform, sharing stories that matter

  • Jolene Fernandes

    Jolene Fernandes

    Clinical Nutritionist | Looking beyond Western Medicine| Democratic Socialist | Indian

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