Goodbye Battery Powered Mower, Hello, Corded Mower!

When I told you guys about my Kobalt 40v battery powered lawn mower, I expected it to work out just fine. Only for it to take 8(!) battery swaps to get through my lawn. That was with wet, tall grass though. I thought I’d wait a week and give it another chance to see how it dealt with just one week’s growth.

It required 3 battery swaps to get the job done this time. It won’t be that way for everyone though. @anarchoandrei bought the same mower, and with his smaller yard apparently it does the job. Mows the entire lawn on a single battery. I’m happy for him, but it’s just not working out for me, so back to the store it goes!

Now, let’s not go crazy here. You guys know me. I will never, ever settle for a gas mower. I would sooner buy some goats and have them eat the grass than go back to mowing with gas. Instead I did what I should have done in the first place, and got myself the corded mower with the highest review scores on Amazon:

As it turns out, 150 feet of extension cord is just exactly, precisely enough to reach every part of the yard with a little to spare for comfort. It’s really not that much. I’ll be keeping the Kobalt battery powered trimmer and blower as they do fine even on the little 2.5ah battery the trimmer came with.

For mowing however, it’s going to be corded until I have the cash for the battery operated robotic mower I’ve had my eye on. That will do 90% of the yard, then I’ll do the 10% it can’t reach using the corded mower.

Having tested it out, I’m glad I bought the 10 amp model. It was only $120 brand new! I mean, it does feel a little weak but it never choked up on me. 10 amp extension cord, surprisingly, is a good deal cheaper than 13 amp extension cord in large quantities.

If I’d gotten a $600 Ego 56v battery mower it would have done the entire lawn in one charge no problem. That just felt like an insane amount to spend given I might not even be in this house long enough for it to be worth pouring so much money into a lawn mower.

Anyway this thing does a great job. It’s lightweight, so not strenuous to push and for obvious reasons, will never run out of power before the job’s done. It’s a small disappointment that I couldn’t go battery power on my budget, but with crypto doing confusing backflips recently perhaps I soon will be able to.

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