[Horror Game Review] Deepest Sleep: The Trilogy Concludes

The Deep Sleep trilogy is one I grew very attached to as I played it. So much so that when I got to the third part, awareness that it would soon be over (without any realistic prospect of any further installments) I slowed the fuck down in order to savor it for as long as possible.

That wound up being four nights of on and off playing. It helps that the puzzles are only more devious than the prior two installments, don’t expect to be cut any breaks. The beginning of this one’s a bit abstract, but that’s not unexpected given how part 2 ended.

You’ll complete some booby trapped rooms, collect gems, put them in the eye sockets of a statue, fairly standard adventure game type stuff. The bleak, droning ambiance helps maintain interest until the real meat of the game begins.

If you felt part 2 was light on story, part 3 rectifies that. Even adding in a subplot about a young boy and his lost stuffed tiger. I won’t say how it’s resolved, only that it makes the difference which ending you get. That’s right! Multiple endings! In a flash horror game, no less.

That alone merits at least two playthroughs. Possibly three, depending what choice you make at the very end. It’s quite difficult to talk about without spoiling anything. Rest assured, your diligence in playing through the series is richly rewarded. No simple “congratulation, a winner is you” screen to be found here.

It’s gratifying, and a fitting ending, but it left me distressed. Not because part three disappointed in any way, just because there will never be a part 4. Scriptwelder still makes games, but no more in this series. It seems destined to be its own little self contained trilogy, and nothing more.

That’s a real shame. I’d at least liked to have seen this come out for DS, or as an eshop download for 3DS. It deserves a wider audience. Laugh if you want at Flash, that’s justified. Even at the typical indie low effort pixel art. But in terms of game design, and specifically horror games, this trilogy is something special.

Besides a somewhat confusing and lackluster start, Deepest Sleep is a fulfilling and entirely suitable finish to an amazing series. Here’s hoping it doesn’t fade into obscurity, it deserves better than that. I give Deepest Sleep a 9/10.

All images courtesy of ScriptWelder.

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