”No incentive. We don’t look for converts. In fact, we clearly assert that G-d will deal justly with all, Jewish or not.”

I didn’t mean their interest was gaining converts, but defending the credibility of their foundational religious claims. It was a rhetorical question. I am informing you now on no uncertain terms that theologians, apologists, priests, rabbis, etc. have a vested interest in making their respective beliefs appear as defensible as possible.

”No, I didn’t assert I’m either. And I can tell you right now that I’m not.”

Didn’t actually say you were but ok

”But, yes, I do think that LDS (aka “Mormons” ) could give you an important insight on their history. When I was in Salt Lake and had some time I stopped by their center and listened. I don’t have an interest in the their religion. But I did have friends at work who were LDS. Why not try to understand what was important to them?”

Important, maybe. Unbiased? No, read the CES Letter. Mormonism is an increasingly easy to expose, brazen fraud. It is an excellent example of how cults become religions as it’s young enough that we still have contemporaneous non-Mormon accounts of how Joseph Smith actually behaved, the actual circumstances of Mormonism’s origin and so on.

”I too went to a secular University. Don’t assume people’s backgrounds or education.”

You’re responding to an awful lot of things I never said. Maybe don’t take a dry discussion of academic matters too personally.

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