>” I don’t want people to be put in the poor house for subsidizing green crony capitalists when the existing solution is working just fine.”

It isn’t working just fine. We’ve been using combustion engines for more than a century. They have over 400 moving parts, and are at most 25% efficient. It is time for something simpler and more efficient, not to mention cleaner.

As for putting people in the poorhouse, how do you figure all the new jobs created installing rooftop solar and house batteries have impoverished anybody? Or the jobs working at the new battery gigafactories? Where exactly is your information coming from?

>” electric vehicles — which overall are not cleaner or greener than conventional”

This is patently false. You heard this from Bjorn Lomborg, who is a professional fossil fuel shill. Numerous studies from the likes of MIT confirm EVs are cleaner even on today’s grid, especially in states with a lot of renewable and/or nuclear power, like mine, although I pay an extra $4 per month to ensure none of my electricity comes from dirty sources anyway.

Here is a video debunking Lomborg’s claims:


>” which have unresolved recycling issues with batteries”

Such as? Batteries are the most recycled items on earth due to the high value of the metals inside. If you mean the smelting, that’s necessary only for lead and nickel based batteries, not for lithium.

>” I don’t want to underwrite other people’s fantasies.”

Not to worry! By the looks of you, you won’t be doing it for long.

>” If you go off the road with a conventional car, you can start and stop the motor to warm up until help comes — with an EV — too bad for you.”

Why do you believe EVs don’t have heaters? Here is a Tesla owner in Norway sleeping overnight in it, with -36 degree cold outside: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=capOgUHPz9Q

He wakes up the next morning with 75% charge remaining and is able to easily drive off without problems. There’s also something called a plug-in hybrid you may have heard of, which has both an electric drivetrain and a gas generator for backup. You can drive most of your miles on battery but still have the ability to use gas if you need it. Knowing you, you’ll still say there’s something wrong with that.

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