>”I quoted part of the paragraph ‘Space scientists calculate EXACTLY when the world will end — and it’s VERY soon’ Does imminent = very soon?”

The Daily Star is a tabloid. Their stories are made up. I cannot believe I have to tell you this. Or did you know, but think I somehow wouldn’t notice?

>”Yes, but they use that to motivate people to use nature-friendly product, which will be used by companies to make you sell your belonging to buy their natural-friendly products, then it will be used to accuse/bully your neighbor who aren’t using natural-friendly products as someone who are insensitive and careless about environment, etc. Does this make them a cult?”

No, because that is only a single parallel and there is no central holy text in which that instruction is written down.

>”Yet, the bible also record that the disciples of Jesus still had their ships to sail, net to catch fishes, the bible also record that Jesus frequently visited the house of Lazarus, Mary and Martha, the disciples of the early church such as Priscilla, Aquila and Lidya the seller of purple fabric were businessman/woman. They don’t get rid of their belongings. This is proof that Jesus force no one to get rid of their belongings.”

Then the verse I quoted doesn’t exist. Hey, wait a minute. I just checked again and it still exists! Examples of a few specific people who got to keep some of their stuff doesn’t make that verse go away.

>“From my own experience, from reading the bible : English is not my native language, and I had a hard time remembering vocabularies, then I decided to switch my bible to an english bible and read it everyday. It improved my vocabulary and caused me to easily understand articles written in english.”

Is there no other way to learn English?

>”From praying : Once I got an allergy which cause was unknown, I went to doctors they cannot verified its cause and said that allergy cannot be cured. I prayed and I got healed. Once I got terrible insomnia for almost a year, went to the doctors and they couldn’t help except gave sleeping pills, I didn’t take the sleeping pills, I prayed and I am healed.”

Why are the only conditions healed by prayer the ones which the body can heal by itself anyway? Why has there never been an amputee who re-grew his lost arm or leg after praying for it to happen?

>”Just because the bible says that we must not rely/trust on our own understanding doesn’t mean it sabotage critical thinking.”

Yes it does. That is literally the same thing.

>”The bible says that because God knows that our mind is limited, and many times tricked us. We aren’t all-knowing. If bible sabotage critical thinking, then how come there are many christian scientists who give contribution to the scientific world?”

This is the Christian rationale for *why* critical thinking should not be applied to the foundational claims of Christianity. It is not proof that the Bible doesn’t say critical thought shouldn’t be applied to the foundational claims of Christianity and it’s a mystery to me how you could confuse the two.

>”Yes, because there’s not many case of someone who has died became alive again to show you the reward. But there are some such as Todd Burpo whose story is made a book and film Heaven is for Real.”

Sounds like “The Boy Who Came Back from Heaven”, who later admitted that he made it up under instruction from his father: https://www.usatoday.com/story/life/books/2015/01/16/the-boy-who-came-back-from-heaven-untrue-alex-malarkey/21855709/

The only difference between Alex Malarkey and Todd Burpo is that Alex has admitted his lie, while Todd hasn’t yet.

>”Also there are many people who experience NDE claims to see Jesus such as told by Ali Sina in his website http://alisina.org, do you know him? He’s a former muslim turned agnostic but claimed to had met Jesus.”

There are also Hindus who had NDEs and saw Ganesh, Brahma and the other hindu gods. Muslims see Muhammad, Buddhists see Buddha and atheists see aliens.

NDEs are not visions of the afterlife, unless every religion is true. They are the pineal gland releasing massive quantities of DMT into the rest of the brain, which then tries to rationalize what it is experiencing.

If you believe NDEs are supernatural you may as well believe the same about dreams, as they work in much the same way.

>”Sunday school teaches children to have a good moral value, to love and pray for your enemies, to not be greedy, to give help to the poor, to care for the sick, just like Jesus.”

It also teaches them homosexuality is an abomination, that evolution is false, that supernatural phenomena are real and that Jesus was the creator of the universe come to Earth in human form. It indoctrinates them into Christianity, you just don’t like that phrasing.

>”Prison ministries encourages inmates to turn from their wicked ways, to encourage them that they are a precious human being, that they still have a bright future even if they made mistakes. I don’t know Alcoholic anonymous, etc.”

It indoctrinates people into Christianity when they are at an all time low point in their life, when they are most emotionally vulnerable and thus easiest to convert.

>”Point is, you think that Jesus is a cult founder based on your own criterias, but I have already point out that your own criterias for a cult can be applied to any secular organization.”

No you didn’t. I rebutted every argument along those lines which you put forth. I don’t “think” Jesus was a cult founder, it’s a matter of historical fact. Historians of that period routinely refer to early Christianity as a cult because that’s what it was.

>”Besides, what’s so wrong with a cult if they don’t disturb society, they don’t kill people”


>”and instead make a great contribution in making the world a better place by giving contribution in science

Historically, Muslims have also contributed greatly to science. Does this mean Islam is true?

>”ending up slavery”

The Bible explicitly permits Christians to keep slaves, and admonishes slaves to obey their masters. It has served as the justification for slavery for centuries. The fact that abolitionists were also Christians doesn’t change that, because back then everybody was.

>”teach us to be loving, not to avenge evil for evil, performing miraculous healings on the sick (Come to my country I’ll show you testimony of many patients who have been miraculously healed in the name of Jesus), etc.”

How come these miraculous healings mostly happen in third world countries with poor education? But I digress. You want to know what’s wrong with such a cult?

1. They abduct gay or atheist teenagers, fly them to remote prison camps and subject them to hard labor in the hot sun in order to emotionally destroy them, so they can be rebuilt as heterosexual Christians. A little over 300 have committed suicide either in the camps themselves or shortly after being released from the camps.

These camps are able to continue operating because the US politicians who are in a position to shut them down are overwhelmingly Christians who sympathize with the purpose of the camps, and choose to look the other way: www.kidnappedforchrist.com

2. They protect their own clergy who are guilty of molesting children from being prosecuted by the authories. Not on a small scale either, but as recently revealed, on a massive scale involving hundreds of thousands of priests over many centuries.

3. They attempt to remove accurate science education concerning evolution from schools and replace it with the creation story of their religion

4. The Bible contains explicit permission to keep slaves so long as they are foreigners. It also permits soldiers to capture underaged, virginal girls from conquered lands for forced marriage or as concubines. These verses formed the ideological basis for religiously justified slavery in America’s past.

5. It has interfered with the development of important medical technologies like in vitro fertilization and stem cell research under the pretense of mistaken beliefs about human consciousness being supernatural and fully formed at the time of conception.

6. It has been responsible for historical antisemitism, inspiring the pogroms and the Nazi regime’s ‘final solution’. There exist plentiful photographs of Hitler meeting with and shaking the hands of clergy. While some churches oppose Hitler, most didn’t and some even helped the Nazis identify and locate hiding Jews.

7. It has convinced many parents to forego medical treatment of their children in the belief that God will heal them, often resulting in the children dying from medical neglect.

8. It has opposed equal rights for women pretty much since Paul.

>”I cannot say the same for Muhammad though ;)”

Because you’re not a Muslim. Muslims see Islam the same way you see Christianity, perceiving only the good and none of the bad, and use many of the same apologetic arguments in defense of their religion which you have used in defense of yours.

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