I remember when, while attending a fundamentalist Christian middle school, I pointed out on a projected slide of a bisected tortoise skeleton that the shell segments were connected to the spinal column in the same manner as ribs. I asked if perhaps they had once been ribs and changed over time, widening until they met, fusing to form the shell of the modern tortoise.

I asked also on a field trip to a planetarium how the stars we were being told were millions of light years away could be visible to us if the light from them had only been traveling for thousands of years. Much to the befuddlement of the guide and much to the irritation of the teacher who drove us there.

In both cases, the teacher’s reaction was to challenge my motivation for asking the question. That is what people without a good answer do in order to deflect. They shift focus to your reasons for asking in the first place and try to invalidate those reasons.

Reality does not care what you think is gross. It has no politics. There are two types of gamete. Sex is not binary, but it is bimodally distributed, and bimodal distribution is not a spectrum. Stop being anti-science.

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