I’m Going on Vacation to Minnesota Next Week

Fair warning, my output may decrease. I’m bringing my laptop, and should be able to get online with it through my phone wherever I am, but I’ve never traveled cross country before while relying on constant internet connectivity for my income. It’s why I haven’t gone on any other vacations since I began to rely so heavily on Steemit.

The last time I was able to get up there for some rest and relaxation was 4 years ago. Prior to that, I could make it almost every year. This will be some badly needed leisure time, and it’s probably my favorite place on Earth. I’ll still be posting story chapters every day at bare minimum, not to worry.

What I’m less sure of is whether I’ll be able to keep up with original articles at my usual pace. I may wind up posting more than one story concurrently just to get at least 3 things posted per day. But I also think I can probably make time to post photos of where I am in the trip and do some sort of travelogue.

The included picture is of the last time I was able to go there, in 2014. I took my cat of course. She goes everywhere I go, no exceptions, and you cannot properly relax without a cat on you. So look forward to the first of my “on the road” articles, it should be coming within the next couple of days!

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