Indeed, which has certain implications for the credibility of their testimony concerning miracles and the resurrection. Even where the Bible says there were witnesses, it is easy to write down that dozens, hundreds, or thousands witnessed something, but it does not count for much if there’s no independent corroboration from those people outside of scripture.

The Qur’an says there were witnesses to Muhammad’s flight to Medina, and the Hadiths say he split the Moon in two by pointing to it. Christians scoff at these purported miracles and the witness accounts in Islamic scripture but breathlessly regard Biblical accounts of miracles and witnesses to them with awe and uncritical belief, even though the quantity and quality of supporting evidence is the same.

They will insist that’s not the case because one “feels” more authoritative and credible to them than the other, being that they were raised with it and are emotionally invested. But they have not actually exposed themselves to Islamic apologetics to see how sophisticated it is by comparison. Plenty will bluff that they have of course.


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