Jacket Light, ACTIVATE! *Mad Scientist Laugh* (I Put a Light On My Jacket)

Necessity is the mother of invention, and most of the gadgets I have cobbled together so far began as “I could really use X right now”. X later became some sort of DIY device that solved a particular problem for me, often a very niche one.

Enter…THE JACKET LIGHT! :0 Basically when I’ve been working on something in the dark, whether fiddling with the lock on my Volt charging cable, trying to get the plug into the socket, getting mail after dark or even climbing over rubble in a subterranean lava tube, I have often needed hands-free light.

There are head lamps for that, but who carries one of those on their person all the time? I don’t. I also don’t want to put it on my head just for one task, then take it off and pocket it again. I need something quicker, more convenient, and which I have to take everywhere with me.

Jacket Light is the smallest headlamp I could find. It runs on a pair of CR2032 zinc-air button cell batteries. I’d have liked it to be something rechargeable except I don’t plan to use this all that often, and have a rechargeable lighting solution for caving under development already (more on that in future articles)

It has a couple different lighting modes you cycle between by pressing the power button a bunch of times. Standard light, dimmer light, brighter light, red LEDS (as shown in the cover pic) for situations where you want to preserve your night vision (such as caving) and blinking variants on all of the above.

It’s also adjustable! So I can pivot it at any desired angle, whether pointing straight ahead or down at my feet. Nothing too fancy in the end, but a useful little addition to my main winter jacket that I expect to get a good deal of use out of in the future.

That’s all for this time! I’m working on another outdoorsy, lighting related DIY project you can look forward to hearing more about very soon. Until then…

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