Let’s Make a Custom Level for Duke Nukem 3D! Part 6


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Last time, we learned how to do some good looking lighting. Never, ever neglect lighting. Everything looks bland and terrible without it! But now, we’ve built enough to move on and create another room, connected by a corridor. Here is where we left off:

The platform will hold an item which can only be reached using the jetpack. That means we should plan to put the jetpack somewhere difficult to reach. As a rule of good game design, it’s a nice touch to put mobility enhancing items someplace difficult to get without them but which become immediately easy to traverse once they are obtained, so getting back is easy.

This suggests the jetpack should be obtained at the end of a long, tedious platforming course. That way, once you obtain it you can simply fly back to the start instead of needing to jump back across all the platforms. The player will need the presence of mind to conserve fuel however, as the jetpack is needed later to reach that elevated platform as well.

As you can see, I’ve used sloped sectors to make an interesting slanted room. Not to worry, there will be a bridge made of flattened sprites connecting the doorways at either end. I just thought it’d be memorable. No room or corridor should be plain and boring. Everything you build should be compelling in some way and have a reason to exist.

There’s some more detail. Added repeating structural reinforcements. Never make a bare room without any sort of trim, accent or other details. But also don’t go overboard with it, because this engine allows only a limited number of sectors and walls per map.

Side note, by holding down right Alt and moving the mouse you can draw a rectangular selection lasso around any sector, then hit Insert to create a copy of it, which is useful for creating repetitive details like in hallways. That’s how I made this room.

There’s a decent looking sprite bridge connecting one end to the other. It has no thickness for now, but that’s something I can come back and rectify later on. It isn’t high on the list of priorities since unless the player jumps off the bridge, they will never see the sides or bottom of it.

Anyway that’s all for now. Sorry this was a short one, but it was unusually labor intensive as these go. Next time we’ll create the room where you get the jetpack!

Stay Tuned for Part 7!

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