Let’s Make a Level for Duke Nukem 3D, Part 16


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Last time I promised we’d finally get around to making the dark room you need the night vision goggles to safely traverse. Well this time it’s gonna happen. The best of a lot of bad solutions to the problem turned out to be using a dormant enemy who only ‘wakes up’ when shot as a sort of bio-lantern, which glows bright green when night vision is used.

Damn, that’s a big room. It will be lethally deep, so unlike the jetpack room, falling here means insta-death. No trial and error here, unless you have superhuman patience to reload the level over and over. The “bio-lanterns” will line the only safe path.

That’s what it looks like “with the lights on”. The newbeast monster has eyes shaded to glow even in the darkest sectors, so to prevent that, everything will be palette 4 (fully black). This solves that problem but does not prevent the monster from glowing when night vision is used.

You know what the nice thing about this room is? NO SHADING! Hahah yesssss. No shadow drawing needed here since by design, the room is pitch black and navigable only by the glow of the newbeast sprites.

There’s the completed dark “maze”. It used up a surprising number of sectors and walls. I might come back later and use sprites for the cage walls so I can delete the sectors surrounding the newbeast sprites, if I need to free up some sectors and walls for use elsewhere.

The grand prize for making it through this section is the shrink ray. It can be used, in conjunction with a mirror, to shrink the player down such that he can fit through very narrow openings. That will be critical in order to reach pipe bombs, the next item.

That’s all for this time! Next time we’ll work on some connecting corridors and maybe start on the pipe bomb area.

Stay Tuned for Part 17!

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